6 Ways To Get Rid Of Itchy Beard!

Ways To Prevent Itchy Beard

Ways To Prevent Itchy Beard

Beard itch is like a worst thing to deal with, right?

It’s like when you finally try to grow a beard; the itchiness literally stops you from doing it, agree? Even though the itchiness is temporary, there are many men who lose control in the 1st week itself. Like it is been said that the itchiness disappears when you’re in the 3rd week, but seriously, some of you are like, who will deal with itchiness for more 2 weeks, right? I mean, that’s what some of you think while growing a beard and overcoming itchiness.

But guys, do you really have any idea about why the itchiness takes place? Well, let me tell you, it happens cause’ of the dry skin. In winter season, nowadays, not growing beard only because it leaves the skin dry and then itches, is a good excuse. But, for those who seriously want to grow a beard, no matter which season is there, here are some tips.

Well, you only need to take care of the skin underneath the beard to stop itchiness quickly. So, here are six ways to prevent itchy beard.

  1. Wash your beard

Just like you wash your hair, you also need to wash your beard. To remove all the dead skin cells, washing beard with clean water is completely necessary. If the dead cells aren’t removed then itchiness is pretty obvious. Note that you don’t wash your beard daily twice or thrice, but then again, only you’ve the idea about how clean your beard is, so wash it when needed.

  1. Use conditioner for beard

Beard conditioner is a very important product. Use any conditioner for beard as it helps the skin to be soft and strong as well. Conditioning also helps to prevent skin itchiness easily.

  1. Let it dry completely

When you’re done washing the beard, let it dry completely and use clean towel as well. Understand that not drying it thoroughly can cause skin irritation and itchiness is obvious too.

So, wash your face carefully.

  1. Beard Oil

Here’s something you must do when you decide to apply the beard oil- So, apply the oil onto your beard completely (Don’t leave any areas), dip a small towel into hot water and place it on your beard. Do this couple of times when the towel cools down. Hardly spend 30 minutes doing this activity and then rinse your face off with water. And remember, let the skin and beard dry completely.

Doing so will soften your beard and the skin irritation will reduce.

  1. Trim

Once you’ve grown your beard, take some time off to regularly trim it. Make sure to remove the ingrown hairs with tweezers and be careful while doing it. Use some good and high quality electric trimmers to give a neat and clean look.

  1. Brush it

Use beard brush and try to cover every beard hair.

So, these were six simple ways to prevent itchy beard. If you regularly follow these tips then you can easily prevent the itchiness. Do you have any queries? Leave a comment below.

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