P Chidambaram Made a Comment on Internet Trolls and Why Is This So Apt

P Chidambaram – This is the time and age of Internet trolls where someone hogs the limelight with someone else’s expense.

Tweeter is a weird circus where a lot of mud-slinging happens, even the actor of Renuka Sahni’s stature wasn’t spared from this too. A few days ago, she was trolled for apparently voicing her opinion against Hindu fundamentalism which attracted ire from the parts of the society and they even stooped to the level of slut-shaming her. Sonu Nigam too had to undergo this bombardment of trolls when he apparently spoken against Azan bending the government rules of decibels in the wee hours of the morning.

Some Islamist fundamentals have issued Fatwa against him and they asked people to shave his head which will bring him some shame. Unfazed, Sonu himself sent for his friend and hairstylist Hakim Alim and shaved his head only to make a public appearance and announce that he is not bothered by what the Maulvis had to say and he is firmly holding his ground.

This is appalling to see how Internet trolls have rose to significance in just a matter of years and constructive criticisms have been shown the door. Well, we would not accept trolling as a positive means of antagonizing. After all, shaming the other for saying something that you don’t comply to or not approve of.

However, there is nothing much to do because trolls have become the life-blood of social media and to some people, comic relief too. Some trolls among them are light-hearted while some contain sharp jibes. The former Home Minister P Chidambaram had a point to make about Internet trolls that made us thump the bench to affirm.

You all have heard of negative publicity which is talking rot about a person rather helps rise him into popularity. When you are on the verge of receiving enormous success, the society is cleaved into two parts, one part turn sycophants and other critics. Positive criticism is always welcome but there are negative jibes from people which rip you off your mental peace some times. But on the contrary, they help your name pop up in controversy thereby propagating for you unknowingly.

Former Home Minister P Chidambaram said something that validates the above statement that trolls are the new means of publicity. He said ‘Trolls are the new pracharaks” and we can’t help agreeing to what he said.

Pretty recently Sushma Swaraj has been trolled which angered celebrities from all walks of life from BJP leaders to even opposition Congress. P Chidambaram says trolls are the new pracharaks who are mobilised to serve one or two leaders.

Well, Mr. Chidambaram’s point is completely accepted. No one, from film actors to politicians are spared from trolls and one only reaps benefit from it so there is nothing much to fuss about.


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