10 Insane Lies Men Have Ever Told To Get Laid… WTF Confessions

Insane lies men have ever told

Insane lies men have ever told – We all at some point of life have done things that we aren’t proud of, like lying to get something, flirting, fake show off and the list goes on.  But these men have gone way too far lies that they have told to get laid, few lies you might find hard to digest.

  1. I lied to a girl on date that I am a lawyer and a doctor too, to get laid and yes I love face of gold diggers and their expressions when they know we men are super rich.

“Girls all that shines is not gold”

  1. I faked to a girl for few weeks that I am vegan but man that was worth it we slept and had great time.

Such a liar!

  1. I lied that I am Virgin to a girl to rope in for the night and it worked.

Woah men can get to any level!

  1. I proposed a girl for marriage so that we can get intimate.

OMG this is Insane feel pity for girl

  1. I lied to my Ex that I still love her so that we spend a night and it worked.

This is not done.

  1. I lied my GF that I will divorce my wife just to sleep with GF but I definitely will not leave my wife for anyone.

OMG so much scandal to get a girl!

  1. I am married and lied to a girl that I am single to get intimate and as you know this works like magic.

Ok this idiot thinks he is cool he is cheating two different women have some shame please!

  1. I am 40 but look young so told a 25 years girl that I am just 30 and single too and men we had a blast.

That’s bad!

  1. I said I was dying and had one wish to pamper you and yes the night was awesome!

OMG this man went too far can it get any low than this?

  1. I said that I am madly in love and gave her a ring too, I am married and love my wife that ring was just to have her on bed!

Disgusting men!

These are the Insane lies men have ever told – So, these were few lies men have confessed to just to get laid. Men will be men I am already disgusted so girls think before you trust blindly.

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