6 Ways To Deal With Trolls On The Internet

Ways to deal with trolls

Ways to deal with trolls – Everygood thing has certain aspects who could reflect it in a negative way.

Today, one cannotimagine one’s live without the internet. From being a luxury a decade back, it has now turned into a necessity. On the internet, especially on social media, there are a specific group of people who are referred to as trolls. According to an online dictionary, a troll is one who provokes and abuses others on the internet.

If you are on social media and express your vies on a specific issue, that has been the talking point among a large number of people, there is a high chance of you getting trolled.

Here are 6 ways to deal with trolls on the internet.

Ways to deal with trolls

  1. Do not engage with them

One of the simplest and the best ways to deal with trolls is not to engage them. They will comment on your profile, stalk you and might even you but they do all of these things to seek your attention. If you avoid them and do not engage with them, after a point they will get tired and stop getting after you.

  1. Put across your point fearlessly

If at all you must engage with them, then make sure you are firm and do not waver from your views. Be fearless and tell them strongly that you stand by what you believe in and will not get intimidated by them nomatter what. If they realise that they are not being able to instil fear in you and you are resolute in your stand, they will stop bothering you.

Ways to deal with trolls

  1. Stay away from violence

There have been instances in the past where a normal incident of trolling has snowballed into a full-fledged violent affair claiming lives and leading to other dangerous incidents. If you sense danger on social media, report it to the police or share it with someone you are close to. There is no point in retorting to violenceor letting somebody engage in it for petty issues.

Ways to deal with trolls

  1. Reveal their identity

Most of these trolls work behind a fake name, profile and face.  If you know somebody who is good with ethical hacking and stuff, ask him to help you out in tracing the one who is trolling you. Once his identity is revealed, he will have nowhere to run. You can confront him and deal with him yourself or you can consult the cyber police on this matter.

  1. Correct them

If somebody is attacking or trolling you by using factually wrong information, you must first try to bring the right facts to their attention. Try to correct them and make them understand why what they believe in does not cut ice with you. If the person is very aggressive, then he or she will not realise their mistake but there are some reasonable folks out there too who will indulging in trolling once they are corrected.

Ways to deal with trolls

  1. Give them a dose of heir medicine

If there is no other option left, get into the battlefield and fight it out with them. Nobody is invincible. While they seem powerful to you because of their aggressive methods, you must understand that you are no less and are fully capable of giving them a taste of their own medicine. Youmust stoop down to their level but must be strong enough to tackle them.

Ways to deal with trolls

These are the ways to deal with trolls – For today’s generation, internet is no less than a boon. However, a boon can turn into a bane easily if it is not utilised properly. Unfortunately, there is a whole bunch of nasty people on the internet who are jobless and they like whiling away their time by trolling others. If you are on social media, you are bound to face these people someday, so must be ready for them.

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