6 Types Of Girls Every College Has Got !

types of girls

Types of girls – Not to stereotype any kind of girls here but come on, we have to agree on the fact that every college has a few categories of girls, types of girls.

Though that category might not include a lot of girls, but one or two can be seen anywhere.

After all, not everyone is the same and when there are so many different people, we are bound to have some types.

On that note, let’s have a look at some types of girls that every college has and I am sure, you all must have come across each one of them.

Types of girls in college –

1. The fashion diva

There’s always this one girl in college who is loaded with fashion trends from top to toe and every other college girl is jealous of her fashion sense. This girl has what it takes to make you all drool for her amazing appearance.

2. The nerd

Of course, a nerd is mandatory in every college because who will be studying then? She is the one who helps all other students with notes, test information and every other thing that concerns academics. And when the results come out, you can always find her on top of the list.

3. The fighter

Wherever there is a fight in college, you can find this girl too. She is always in so much of anger and is always so furious that it’s hard to keep her away from fights almost every day. I am sure, she is a great source of entertainment too.

4. The social worker

Every college has a girl who wants to become a politician and runs the social work club of the college. And when you face any problem with the college authorities, she is the only one you run to.

5. The rich one

From an expensive car to branded clothes, she owns it all that makes you all go WOW! Well, it’s for sure that her gang is the most popular one in college and it’s like a lottery for anyone who gets a chance to be in that gang.

6. The innocent one

This girl is bullied the most by the boys and girls of college and yet she remains silent and sweet towards everyone. After all, she is too innocent to get into all the fuss and she likes being in her own space all alone.

So, have you met any of these girls in your college? I am sure you have and you could totally imagine the names of all the girls you have seen while reading the article. Well, colleges are full of entertainment, aren’t they?

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