Breakfast Quickies

We often tend to ignore the most important meal of the day ‘“ the breakfast. Here are some quick fixes that won’t leave you with an excuse to not have it.

We often tend to ignore the most important meal of the day – the breakfast. Here are some quick fixes that won’t leave you with an excuse to not have it.


Almonds soaked overnight: Those of you who don’t even have a minute to spare for breakfast in the morning, or so you think, almonds can be your saviour. Just soak around six to seven almonds overnight and pop them into your mouth as you step out to face what the day has for you. Apart from being a good source of vitamins, they are also great mood enhancers. Remember to soak them the night before so that your body easily assimilates them. Try it for a day and you will notice how much more energetic you feel throughout.


A bowl of fruits: One of best nutritionists in our country, Dr. Vijaya Venkat swears by the goodness of fruits. Pick up any fruit of your choice, which is both seasonal and regional. Don’t go for those imported apples and grapes and what nots. When you consume fruits in the morning, your body not only gets the required fibre and vitamins, its metabolism rate is also improved. Moreover, after getting up, your body needs the cleansing mechanism, which is imparted by fruits. Eat as much as you want and follow it until noon. Finish your bowl atleast half-an-hour before having your lunch, for it to digest completely.  


Homemade protein shake: Never go for those ready-to-drink powered protein shakes that have flooded the market. All of them are manufactured inside laboratories and you can never be sure if their source of protein is not the genetically modified soya or corn bran. Always remember one thing that nothing in nature looks like those powders. So no matter how much ever they claim to be natural and organic, just avoid drinking those. Prepare your shake at home by using milk, banana, orange, apricots, berries or anything of your choice.


Oats: Instead of beginning your day with breakfast which is high in calories like bread jam and butter toast. And please, for god sake, don’t feel happy about eating Maggi the first thing in the morning. If you have ten minutes to spare before you leave for work, dish out a bowl of oats. They are rich in fibre, help reduce cholesterol and have a low calorie and fat content. They also balance the blood sugar level and break gradually releasing energy though the day.


Mix of cereals and pulses: A bowl of corn flakes or wheat flakes with milk and some chopped fruits is enough to kick start the day. Moreover, it hardly takes anytime to prepare. This energy packed meal is rich in most of the vital nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and phytochemicals. So even if you end up eating junk through the day, your body would have had some dose of goodness.



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