13 People Who Died “Temporarily And Came Back” Share Their Stories And It’ll Give You Goosebumps!

People Who Died And Came Back

People Who Died And Came Back – Yes, there are people who experienced temporary death and came back again.

This might sound a little bit creepy but that’s the truth. On Reddit, many people who experienced it shared their story and it is bound to give you Goosebumps. So, are you ready? Keep reading –

  1. When I was dead, it was black. I didn’t hear, see, or smell anything. It might be because I was only dead for such a short time. When they restarted my heart, I felt a pull on the center of my chest and it was like I was literally ripped out of the dark.
  2. My wife’s uncle died after open heart surgery, but was brought back. He said he “saw the light” and dead family members…the whole bit you see on TV.
  3. I saw what my body looked like and didn’t really want it anymore. Like food at a picnic that falls in the dirt. Could’ve been really good, but I didn’t want it anymore. Being alive again after that was really hard, after deciding death would be better than fighting for what was left.
  4. In 2005 I broke my radius and my ulna (forearm bones), like really bad, to the point where the back of my hand could touch my bicep. Rushed to the hospital, put on intravenous anesthesia. The unofficial report from my doctor is that they had trouble placing the breathing tube, and I flat lined on the table. I obviously had no idea my heart stopped during the surgery, but when I woke up I had memories of floating around with pink bubbles all around me. In a few bubbles were my grandma, grandpa, and uncle, who had all died earlier in 2005, and each had his/her own bubble. They kept saying “It’s not your time” and the like, all the while I was being bumped around between these bubbles. It was weird as shit.
  5. Car accident. Dead for at least 15 minutes. Nothing. Not a single thing. Just nothing. No light, no sound, no feelings. I do remember everyone freaking out when I woke up though. No one could “pronounce” me since no one could get to me where I was trapped, but they were able to get things on my hands and neck and I had no pulse the entire time, as well as they could see I was not breathing and there was no air escaping my nose or anything.
  6. I overdosed on heroin when I was younger, and my heart stopped for 3 minutes, apparently, before the paramedics managed to resuscitate me. I didn’t see or experience anything until I came to in the ambulance. Nothing at all. . .
  7. I died twice in an ambulance while being transported from a motorcycle accident. The last thing I remember was my face hitting the hood of a car at 60 MPH (no helmet) and then waking up in the emergency room at the hospital. I say twice “in an ambulance” but it’s my understanding that I was actually dead when the ambulance arrived and then I died on the way to the hospital. The time between the accident and the hospital is nothing… I mean absolutely nothing.
  8. I’ve overdosed on heroin multiple times. Two of the times I was dead, heart stopped beating for a few minutes each time according to paramedics. Miracle I survive without brain damage. One of the times, all I remember is extreme brightness and then I woke up. Other time, nothing and just woke up.
  9. I Attempted killing Myself by trying to slit my wrists, I passed out, but was found by my sister in the bathroom and my parent and she alerted my parents and they took me to the hospital while trying stop the bleeding. I really don’t know how to describe it, because in real world time I was dead for about maybe 2-3 minutes and unconscious for a couple of hours. It was basically a dark nothingness but it wasn’t pitching black nothing it was somehow even emptier than blackness.
  10. Car accident. Nothing. Dark, quiet space
  11. One of my students died on an operating table. She told me that she had an out-of-body experience, like she saw herself on the table and then started drifting upward. She said she feltlike an Angel was with her, some warm sensation and bright light, and was happy to be floating away with them.
  12. You know, I didn’t really see an “other side“. I was outside of my body, looking at it, and I felt a strong sense of “on to the next thing” and then I was resuscitated.
  13. It was like a dreamless

People Who Died And Came Back- Have you ever experienced temporary death and came back? Share your stories in the comment section below.

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