From WordPorn To Eargasm, Here’s What These Words Actually Mean!

Slang Words

Slang Words – Go to Instagram or Tumblr and read tags below the pictures.

Tags on Travel or Food, anything that seems attractive to the eye, will certainly have a tag e.g. #Wordgasm #Foodgasm etc, etc. Just in case, you’ve observed it too, have you ever wondered what they really mean? Have you ever tried to search their meanings? IF NOT, then do not worry because here I’ve listed such words and their meanings.

Have a good time reading ‘em and make sure to add these suitable tags whenever you upload pictures on your account.

Here we go –


Wordgasm is a word that is used by many Instagram users. Have you observed? Ever thought what it means? No? Never mind, the word “wordgasm” means the amazing feeling one gets from reading the words someone else has written. This is a tag mainly used by Instagram and Tumblr writers.


Yes, you must’ve guessed it that this is a word that is used on Tumblr the most. The word “spilled thoughts” means putting down your thoughts on paper or writing ‘em somewhere for others to read.


This is “phobia word” that is very popular and is widely used by many people. I’ve seen this word as “status” as well. Wondering what it means? Well, the word “Thantophobia” actually means the phobia of losing someone you love a lot.


Sometimes, we get so irritated in LIFE that we feel like disappearing somewhere, right? Well, there’s a word to it and it is “Abditory”. Abditory is a word and it means “a place into which you can disappear.”


This word sounds a little weird? No doubt, it is. Also, you must’ve come across an Instagram page “WordPorn” on Instagram. This word actually means words that touch millions of hearts.

This is a term that is used by many Instagram writers.


Whenever someone posts a picture that includes “Food” in it, they tag #Foodgasm. Why they do it and what it means? The word “Foodgasm” actually means the pleasurable sensation from eating yummy food.


Clinomania is a great word that is used by many people and I guess you’ll use it too. It actually means an excessive desire to stay in bed.


I think you can easily guess the meaning behind this word – Eargasm. It actually means a sense of pleasure derived from listening to a particular music or anything that gives complete pleasure.

Slang Words – Do you want to add some words in this list? Comment below.

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