These Vintage Car Museums Of India Remind Us Of The Royalty All Over!

Vintage cars

Talking about time travel, we witness the change of time. Music changed from gramophones to iPods, messages from telegrams to WhatsApp and many more.

Similarly when we talk about vintage cars, it holds a special place for every car maniac and automobile freak. Vintage cars have different aura and panache which reminds us of the old days of the royalty all over.

I bet every car maniac craves for at least one vintage luxury car owned by them.

So, here we bring to you some of India’s sought after Vintage Car Museums showcasing some real good collection making every one go gaga over it!

Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museums, Udaipur

Udaipur’s vintage car museum is one of the most famous places to check out vintage cars. When in Udaipur, you surely cannot miss this attraction from your city tour. This government owned museum has a huge collection possessed by ‘The Maharanas of Udaipur’ attracting tourists across the world. Hold up to your calmness as you can see Cadillac Convertible, Morris, and Rolls Royce of 1931 and many beautiful splendours from the golden era.

Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museums, Udaipur

Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museums, Udaipur

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