12 Interesting ENGLISH Words With Meanings That You Can Use While Impressing People!

Interesting English Words

Interesting English Words – English language is always interesting.

Words like “Wassup”, “Bae”, “Coolio”, and many such words are widely used nowadays. In English language, there are many interesting words that you can learn and use to increase you vocabulary, as well as to impress other people around you.

So right now, if you are a learner, then all you need are just interesting words to make your conversations interesting with others.

Here I’ve listed 12 English words with meanings that’ll help you know when and where to use it.

Let’s begin ( Interesting English Words ) –

  1. Garrulous

The meaning of this word is talkative. So if you have any friend in your group who is talkative all the time, then you can simply use this word to describe your dear friend. You can just say like “Hey mate, you are really garrulous.”

  1. Quagmire

We all have our own quagmire, right? Are you confused? It means a difficult situation. We all hate such tough situations in life, but unfortunately we have to deal with it when it comes, right? So to describe a certain difficult situation, you can casually say “I hate quagmire.”

  1. Rambunctious

When you look at bunch of kids who are having fun or irritating and stuff like that. So you can say “These kids are very rambunctious.” It means that you’re simply saying that these kids are noisy and not disciplined at all.

  1. Phosphenes

What happens when you rub your eyes? You see different colors, right? So in short, you experience Phosphenes when you close your eyes and rub them hard with your fingers, and then when you open eyes, you see colors around you.

  1. Petrichor

I personally love Petrichor. I bet that I’m not the only one who loves it. The meaning of Petrichor is the earthy smell you get when it rains heavily.

  1. Manspreading

There are many people who usually get offended because of this word as it’s related to men. Manspreading means a man who sits with his legs wide apart, by leaving no space at all for other passengers to sit beside him.

  1. Eighty-six

Alright, eighty six might be a number, but in other countries it has a different meaning. Only if you would love to use this word, you can anytime. It means throw away i.e. when someone say eighty-six him out, they usually means that throw him away right now.

  1. Comely

A good girl or a guy is passing by and you want your friend to tell something about it, then you can simply say “Oh damn, that person is comely”. You might’ve guessed it, and yes it means “a person is attractive enough.”

  1. Ephemeral

That thing you see is Ephemeral i.e. it means it is short-lived.

  1. Fetching

This is another word that you can use to describe a person who is good-looking. I mean, Fetching is a term used when a person is attractive. So you can use it by saying “Hey, you really look fetching in those clothes.” J

  1. Talisman

When you keep certain object with you because you think that it’ll bring good luck to you. Talisman is a word used with a meaning “an object that is believed to bring good luck that keep all bad evil away from a person’s life.

  1. Limerence

This word is used to describe “infatuated love” i.e. when you are infatuated with another person. Limerence is a state of mind when you are obsessed with a person completely.

This was all about interesting English words.

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