10 Signs That You Are Cruelly Sarcastic


Sarcastic – Sarcasm is pathological and it proves that you have a fertile grey matter. Sarcasm is spontaneous and the sarcastic one is not really the cynosure of everyone’s eye.

Being sarcastic is a quality one is born with and he has to have an amalgam of brains and gut to pull that out swiftly. More often than not, the sarcastic one will take over the conversation from others and hog all the limelight in a gathering. By virtue of sarcasm the very person can vent his personal ire on anyone or simply make the situation lighter with his killer wit. If you resonate with all the aforesaid qualities, then you my dear too are sarcastic.

Here are, however some obvious signs that prove you are brutally sarcastic:

1 – They have nailed the wordplay:

If you are a sarcastic person, wordplay comes to you easily. You don’t have to rack your brains always to find out a suitable pun. Even if you were not born with it, you trained your brain by years of reading and knowing things.

2 – People can’t read between the lines:

You have learned to keep mum unless you find like-minded people to comprehend your sarcasm. In the otherwise, you seem to put the cat among the pigeons. Bloody all the time!

3 – You can’t please people:

You got your head around the fact that if you had to please everyone, you would rather sell ice-cream. You drop truth bombs with little-to-no-remorse because you know even if some people gets infuriated, the other lot will laud your eccentricity.

4 – You cold shoulder formalities:

You are unabashed and unapologetic about it. Sycophancy is not just your ball game and you tell people on their face what meets your eye.

5 – You cock a snook at society:

You don’t stick to the norms of society and give them a flying fuck when humour rumbles in your stomach.  You are one of those backbenchers who laughed at the teacher’s ass while the class was on.

6 – You have a scanner for dickheads:

Insipid people just turn you off in an instant and you are definitely not a connoisseur of forced conversations. You are choosy about people which other people dub as being snooty. That’s that.

7 – You can’t go misty-eyed:

You show your love to people by different means. You will rather pull their leg than calling them hot. You are a non-serious person and that makes you different.

8 – Nothing moves you as much:

If it’s not the announcement of Game of Thrones season-8, nothing makes you stand up in excitement. You are straight faced always and take jibes at every given opportunity.

9 – You are villain to many people:

Obviously, because you are tongue-in-cheek.

10 – You are supportive:

You always support your friends come hell or high water, even if it was their fault. You are Mr. Dependable for them and people turn to you for reconciliation or broken relationships too.

So, how many wordsmiths are there, eh?

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