10 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid Of High Maintenance Women

High maintenance women – There are many discernments life takes us women through and being labelled as high maintenance is one of them.

It is as parochial as it comes tagging someone who knows to take care of herself as ‘high-maintenance’. Self-love doesn’t come easily and rarely the logic occurs to us that if we don’t love or admire ourselves, we can’t keep others happy. It’s a fake social construct as there is no such thing as high maintenance and this term is  just the alter-ego of male-dictatorship. Not everyone has the courage to break free all things prosaic and set their own standards. Tagging someone with an archetype is just another form of emotional bullying and that’s that.

Now we will give you some logics as to why men are afraid of approaching the so called High maintenance women.

High maintenance women –

1 – Because she is a ruthless perfectionist:

She knows she has to look her best come what may because no matter how much other women side-eye her, they admire her deep down. Rising in popularity is easy but holding that position is tough. A man fears that his attention will be diverted as she is more concerned about her nailpaint.

2 – Because self-love comes to her pathologically:

Behind every high-maintenance women, there are fuckboys who made her push her boundaries, for good obviously. Now when she has set a standard for herself, men fear that they will fail to subscribe to that.

3 – She will turn up late:

She lives by the principle that when her eyeliner is on point, her life is on point, no matter if she stands her man up for a couple of hours.

4 – She comes with clauses:

It’s you who tagged her ‘high maintenance’ and why it makes you uncomfortable when she parades you with the statutory warnings of dating her?

5 – She has learned to give a FUCK!

Because she knows she is a girl boss and the people that the gainsayers are the veiled admirers. There is not even a single fuck she gives. But our men want a coy girl for a wife, so you understand the problem?

6 – Because he fears competition:

A woman that knows how to dress, wear heels, takes long romantic strides to the make-up aisle, is trailblazed by secret admirers who perennially want to woo her. So a man gives up before trying thinking she is not made for love.

7 – She is judgmental:

But, obviously!

8 – She funds her own lifestyle:

Because she won’t be beholden to you for funding her spa session as she can well afford it. Success comes with a bit of sass and that’s unwholesome for male ego!

9 – She knows to rebuff:

If you expect her to choose the casual hangout zones over Sushi at a high-brow eatery, trackpants over pencil skirts, she will turn you down in an instant because she is not that easy bargain.

10 – Her break-up woes will last shorter:

She is snooty because she deserves to be. She will tide over the break-up and don’t nag because she knows there is a better tomorrow waiting for her. Even if not, she will make it!

High maintenance women – All said and done, she is not always what meets the eye. She may be craving for love too but you have to leave her wild and don’t limit her to stereotypes.

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