6 Things You Must Never Say To A Person Who Just Had Their Heart Broken

Things you must never say to a heartbroken person

“Things you must never say to a heartbroken person”

“I’m officially broken” is a tagline of a person whose heart is broken in a relationship.

And, somehow it seems quite difficult to overcome it at that particular time.

If you’ve ever come across a person whose heart is broken; do remember- the things that you might say can be a bitter truth but trust me the broken hearted person doesn’t want to hear ‘em out during that time.

So, it’s best to avoid “the words” without failing because the wrong timing of words might make the person more sad and lonely.

Well, no matter if he/she is your best-friend: give a thought before you spill these words in front of a person whose heart is just broken.

Things you must never say to a heartbroken person – 

  1. So it’s a breakup AGAIN

Again? Let me make it clear for you- Usually many relationships are nowadays breaking up & patching up so it’s a complete confusion for the friends to understand it. Right? But still, who knows it can be their last time.

So, without fooling yourself and hurting your friend it’s a good idea to ignore these words.

  1. Anyway, you don’t deserve him/her

Oh God! Never ever say this to a person who is already crying over someone. It’s quite obvious heartbroken person is truly in love; saying such words will only have a backfire on you.

A choice matter a lot and if your friend was dating someone who you dislike then certainly the problem is with you.

  1. Get over it

What? Really? It’s not simple to get over such things immediately. It is not really easy to get over something so easily and if you see it’s hurting badly then it’s good you don’t say these words for god sake.

  1. Call me & I’ll be there for you

It is not necessary that if he/she calls then only you’ll be there for them. During such times its best if you call them from your side so that they can share feelings with you without even asking.

  1. It’s time you delete the number and pictures

Many friends think it’s a good thing to say but NO it’s probably not the correct thing to say. You can’t just tell them to erase the memories quickly because for some people it obviously takes time to erase it off.

  1. You will find someone better

I know these words sounds to be the sweetest one but don’t use it for a person who is heartbroken. It’s all because; for some good days he/she won’t let the memories fade so it’s better not saying these words.

These are some of the important Things you must never say to a heartbroken person. 

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