See Some Photos That Are Still Unexplained

Photos that are unexplained

Photos that are unexplained – The supernatural always have a sinister pull and no matter if we find our stomachs in knots while watching a horror movie late in the night, we are always up for that adrenaline rush. The ghost stories made most of our childhoods which rendered us imaginative about their world.

It also crippled us to scale the distance between bedroom to bathroom after we have just finished reading a horror story or watching a film of the said genre. For days, we felt someone’s eerie presence around us however logic-defying that had been.

It always excites us, hence to read about ghosts in deserted places, the gruelling catastrophe that led to their deaths and their caging in the mortal world seeking for redemption.

Ghost stories and pictures always give us a fresh lease of thoughts, however unnerving and here are some Photos that are unexplained :

Photos that are unexplained –

The man who walked by:

What if a man walks you by in a desolated place on your way back home who seems more like a shadow than a person? Won’t you be scared out of your wits? Of course you will. This man taking the picture must have gone through a spine chilling experience too.

The parading crows:

A girl was sent off to the supermarket to fetch some groceries by her mom and she was bumped into these flock of crows who stood in sync completely. Looks like an army readying up for the martial attack. This is not a pretty common sight at nights and has no explanation too.

The tragedy of Chernobyl:

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant incident is known by all. Thousands of people were subjected to dreadful death after a nuclear test gone wrong and this picture was taken when a person was evacuating from the town of Pripyat and on visiting an old apartment after a few days she was faced with an incident of her past when her dad held her in his arms.

Something that was looking from the sink:

This picture was taken by a person who went to wash his face in the sink only to be creeped by this creature who was looking at him from therein.

The photographer had to survive this in an abandoned building:

The photographer worked at the State park and had a fondness for exploring abandoned buildings. On one of his likely endeavours, he sneaked into an old house and decided to check out the bathroom, he was spooked to death when he had a glimpse at this.

The creep at the abandoned ship:

This was hiding in an abandoned ship which was caught in the camera by chance. Police probed into the matter but nothing significant was tracked down. CCTV footage too could not bring forth any evidences of his past existence. This man with an axe is a horrific sight to watch nonetheless.

Something was floating in the lake:

This unnatural sight of dead men floating in the river would leave anyone traumatized. This was seen in a lake in Copenhagen and we wonder how the photographer had the vein to photograph this.

These are the photos that are unexplained –  No explanations are found behind these photos and that brings us to the conclusion that supernatural exist.

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