He Described These 6 Things That Happened To Him After He Died

after he died

After he died – Here’s the anonymous man, who after his death expressed everything that happens after death or after the soul leaves the body of a living being.

This has been possible because of a technique called “Automatic Writing” which is a combination of science and supernatural existence.

There are certain facts that he described through the automatic writing.

Let’s take a dip into the world beyond the world. Here we go:

After he died –

  1. Someone comes to take us: He said that whenever a soul leaves the body, good or bad, someone from the spiritual world comes to take them and make them understand that they have left their physical body. Satan comes to take the negative people whereas guardian angels, connected souls etc. come to take the positive ones.

  1. Good souls have a couch: There is a big room where a lot of books are kept. It is said that every soul truly comes and makes an entry in these books which record good and bad deeds on whose basis they are sent to heaven and hell. The good ones are made to sit and relax on a couch as light and comforting as a cloud. It’s in fact, made of the cloud material.

 after he died

  1. There are 7 levels: Level 1, 2 and 3 are the lowest levels of hell where the bad souls are given punishments of their deeds. Their souls are creepy and deformed. The 4th level is like the world; both good and bad souls exist there. The 5, 6 and 7 levels are heaven and they are beautiful beyond explanations. No words can ever be constructed for that beauty. The souls there are beautiful, glowing and do what they like to do.

after he died

  1. Unseen fruits and colors: Heaven has fruits and colors we have never seen in the real world. These fruits have a taste so amazing. We don’t feel hungry or thirsty but we often take it for purifying ourselves more and more. We have no ailments, we don’t sleep, and we also do thing like reading, writing, gardening etc. it’s so free.

 after he died

  1. Every soul choses their own mother: Every soul is in the particular level of afterlife because the main motive of a soul is to get purified, cleansed, sinless and rise to the 2 levels beyond the 7th level which are the levels of nirvana that is the final destination of a soul getting free from the life and death cycle. For that matter they choose their own mothers and as soon as they choose her, they are born to her.

after he died

  1. Guardian Angels: Every living person on earth has a guardian angel that is at a higher level than they are and the sole purpose of their taking care is to take care of the soul and keep it on the right track just like a mother.

 after he died

After he died – Here are 6 things that have been described in this book called the “Laws of the Spirit World” explain what it’s like after you leave the world and head towards the other world which is still a taboo in today’s world. To be honest, this is one of the most beautiful truths ever.

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