Why Men Like To Date Badass Women?


Some guys love submissive, sweet girls and some (or you can say most of guys) would go crazy for a bad girl. Today we are bursting the common question- What makes bad girls so irresistible to guys? The answer is that many guys find bad girls are hotter and this factor has sex appeal which of course attracts the opposite sex. But this not all there are other traits of Alpha women which appeals guys the most.

Below are some traits of a ‘bad girl’that answers why men like to date badass women.

  1. She stands out from rest.

She is different from the rest. Her style, demeanor, the way she thinks will completely stand her out from the crowd.Guys would love to be with a girl who is different and would be worthy to boast about her girl.


  1. They are extrovert and outgoing and hate being a fake.

She would give out truth out rightly and they hardly know how to fake. And guys avoid the vicious circle of fake things so they are naturally drawn to them.


  1. Cause they are very confident and tough nut!

They stand up for what they feel and are naturally confident. They hardly give a damn what people will think about them. They will not crumble down easily from the social pressures. And guys like confident women.


  1. They come with lack of drama and are fun to be with.

They are easy and come with no baggage of drama. They believe in enjoying the present, taking risk and making life happening and men craves for these things.


  1. A Badass girl is good at bed and are super adventurous

It’s common notion that good girls would be naïve at bed whereas bad chicks would great at sex. They hardly shy away and are known for their zealous and adventurous streak in them.


  1. She is fiercely independent and doesn’t need you.

They take pride being self-reliant. The best part of dating them is they will never tie you down. When guys date bad girls men are aware about that they are not clingy and dependent. They would love. Guys love to be free and they are in awe and happiness when they have a partner who is free and independent as well.


  1. She’s a doer and not a talker

This is one of the sexiest traits of a badass girl. No matter how many hurdles she has to face she will achieve her goal anyhow.


  1. They are rebellious and love to challenge.

Badass girls would love to have healthy debates on variety of topics and will challenge others as well. And their rebellious attitude, their expression with logical point of view and independent opinions mesmerizes guys to the core.


Do you think alpha women make the best partner? It’s the bad girl who has edge over the good ones? Let us know your comments below!

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