These Are The 5 Reasons Why Spirits Roam Free After Death In Our World

spirits roam free after death

Spirits roam free after death – Human beings and their existence is one of the most complicated phenomenon on the planet as apart from scientific theories there are other supernatural theories attached to it, which can boggle up any mind who comes to know about them.

A lot of people might not believe it but nobody can deny the presence of soul in a body of a living being. Have you ever wondered what happens to the soul once the body is no more? Where does it go after that? What happens to it after its body is no more?

These questions have multiple answers and all of them seem to make some sense.

Let me tell you a bizarre fact, the soul once comes out of the body observes the body for some time before it is taken to a higher realm based on the deeds they have done in that life. This phenomenon gives rise to another question and that is why do some of the spirits keep roaming in our world when they are no more?

There are multiple reasons spirits roam free after death and for this and this surely is going to send jitters down your spine. So here we go:

Spirits roam free after death –

1 – Not Dead:

Some of the spirits as they come out of the body don’t accept that their body is no more. It’s hard to digest for them that they are no more alive because of which they decide to stick down in the world and don’t go higher. These spirits keep roaming the surroundings of the normal world until and unless they are sure that they have no bodies and are actually dead.

spirits roam free after death

2 – Revenge:

Some of the people die because of mishaps like rape, murder; accidents etc. and they get on a revenge spree. They make sure that they take revenge from the ones who had hurt them. Until and unless their revenge is complete they don’t leave the world and wait for the right time for punishing those people. No matter how much time it takes they only go once they have taken their revenge completely.

spirits roam free after death

3 – Attachment:

Everybody has a family whom they are really attached to and when some of the people die their attachment is so severe that it’s hard for them to leave the ones they love. This makes them stick to the normal world and they keep roaming with and around these people. A lot of times people are able to feel their deceased close-ones a lot of times and that’s only because they never wanted to go away from them.

spirits roam free after death

4 – Incomplete Tasks:

Some of the people die much before completing some of the important deeds of their life which makes them hooked onto these tasks even after they have died. They stay in the world until and unless they get their tasks done themselves or through someone else indirectly. Their motivation to do that deed is so intense that it gets clipped to them which make them stay back.

spirits roam free after death

5 – Not Their Time:

Some of the spirits have to roam in the world which is also called the astral world because they have died much beyond their time. These deaths are unnatural and sudden. Every soul has to complete their span or tenure in the world hence, the ones who die early stay stuck in the astral world until they have reached the decided point of their life where their death was destined. These spirits have no options except staying around living people on the earth.

spirits roam free after death

These are the reasons spirits roam free after death – This is something very hard to believe for a lot of people but no matter how strong your disbelief is nothing can defy the natural phenomenon attached to the existence of human beings. It’s a taboo basically, things that happen with you are easier to believe than things which have never happened to you, it’s a human tendency and no one can be blamed for this. Truth has a lot of aspects but ultimately truth remains the TRUTH!

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