Following Your Passion VS Following The Rat Race

Passion VS Rat Race

Passion VS Rat Race – We all get into a debate that “following dream is better than following the rat race” but do we all understand or justify what passion is?

Well! To be honest there is nothing like good and bad things about both because ultimately if you are happy following the rat race, who stops you from doing that. Satisfaction is all that matters.

Let’s get into the basics of how Passion VS Rat Race trend ultimately got started.

Passion VS Rat Race –

Passion VS Rat Race

Family pressure

This is one of the main reasons people who are good at painting end up doing engineering because of family pressure. And, when they fail or get into stress, start their new life with their passion and excel in it not because they are super talented because it is the power within them which makes it possible. After mid-life crisis when life seems to be hell, one spark of light is enough to surround yourself with brightness. That’s all it is.

Passion VS Rat Race, My take – This is one scenario we discussed but go to the flashback and realize that time when you were in 10th std and did not know which stream to opt and just because you got a higher percentage, you end up taking science. We connect science with intelligence and arts with dumb students. And, then after college again you were confused with no guidance and end up taking some random degree college because you are influenced by everyone doing the same. After few years you realize it is not your call and you go doing something creative or something else. So, it is like you, as an individual realize your potential later in your life and this is not bad at all. Rather than dragging yourself into the same old situation every day, you get up and ready for a new beginning. That makes you a winner already.

Passion VS Rat Race

Peer pressure/comparison

Passion VS Rat Race – As a child, you are always compared with your friends or relatives and that limits your intelligence. You know your competitors are only these people, then you do what they are doing and try to get ahead of them. Success is way ahead of all this and once you get this life lesson, you go on following your dreams.

Passion VS Rat Race,  My take – above point is one-dimensional. Here teachers and our education system are equally to be blamed. I remember when I get the report card, toppers marks is in the other column to compare. So, when our education system is comparing us officially, we can’t stop anybody else from not doing that. Right now, we all are above this grading system and focus more on our quality as an individual. Like I focus on my present situation and how I can make this better. Would some learning certificate work or any workshop? These little things matter a lot. What if I am doing the same what everybody else is doing?

Passion VS Rat Race

The difference lies when I am giving quality to my work, to my personality and the approach is simple i.e. not to feel complex. All this is in our head when we see others quitting their jobs and starting up their own business, go on to make a career in modelling. Here is when you define passion. If you are getting influenced by how much your colleague is earning now by quitting their job, this will be a rat race. If you are not happy with your job, analyze what is making you unhappy. It could be because of a bad boss, politics or something which is lacking within yourself. Try to find out the facts and not jump to conclusions so fast.

Try to find the purpose, the ultimate goal that you want to achieve. I don’t find anything bad in people doing executive jobs just because you find it boredom and thinks these people are not following their so called dreams. Stop thinking about others and get your life on track.

We read quotes and many write-ups saying “how to leave the rat race” and people even get influence by this thinking their jobs isn’t worth.

This is completely wrong. Until the time you do not know what is your goal, nothing matters.

Even in the rat race if you know how to tackle those cats, you are already above than those escaping it because of challenges.

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