Why 15 Cities’ Names And Addresses Are Secret In Russia?

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There are about 15 cities in Russia that have hidden names and addresses. The country is been the leading in arms, weapons, and economy, yet it has the need to maintain secrets. It may be unbelievable to learn that there is a need to hide the names of a few cities. The world is not aware of the places and the reason for the requirement that has forced Russia to exist but without identity.

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Top Russian hidden cities’ names and addresses

It is difficult to find out the 15 cities easily as the places do not have a good commute. Commuting and connecting stands impossible. As no bus or rail, routes are towards these cities. It keeps the place away from the connection to the address and names. Strictly these places are not included in the pin codes. It means the places have no postal addresses also. Totally isolated from the other parts of the world and the country itself. The cities have a unique way of living which is different from the remote places. No one can enter nor they are allowed to step in, restricting the essential ways of connecting has helped to maintain the secrecy.

The places are also declared as closed cities as they are excluded from the normal and modern lives of people. Visiting these is not possible without special permission. Some are entirely restricted even foreigners are not allowed to enter the city without names and addresses.

Few  essential cities and reasons for secrecy

  • Over years Russia has been working on nuclear weapons. The country’s ranks at the top are not just for economics but also for possessing nuclear weapons. It was in 1993, that the mishap of nuclear explosion took place, and finally, in 1997, the Seversk city was closed for habitat. Still, the city works on the production of plutonium-producing reactors. Later in settlement with the USA, the production of the reactors was called off. Leading to the closing of the city.
  • Out of the 15 cities, another important Russian city that was closed is the Vilyuchinsk. It was the city that was popular for nuclear submarine construction. The city is planned with secret tunnels and also has hideouts that are nuclear proof for the movements of the submarines of the Pacific Ocean Fleet. Highly secret zone and it is restricted to travelers or foreigners. A special permit is required if any officials need to enter the city.
  • Ozyorsk’s miserable life has survived the worst nuclear explosion, it was during the time of soviet union time the city suffered the disaster. They suffered a poisonous environment that was severe compared to the incident of Chornobyl. The city is recovered from the nuclear disaster but it still remains hidden.  The most important and confidential place with hidden names and addresses. Till the 1990s the city was not on the Russian map, which was mostly busy preparing for tests and launches of rockets and satellites.

Russia has been the leading country due to its nuclear weapons, arms, and various initiatives on launches of rockets and satellites. These hidden places have been the most utilized for the various missile launchers, and nuclear weapons for which the names and addresses are secret.

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