Delhi’s new Harry Potter-like Kejriwal with a broom steals the show

I hope Rahul Gandhi is not the source of confidence for Congress, or else in the coming years, Congress will just remain a state of mind, like poverty.

In the vote count in Delhi, the BJP has taken lead, but Arvind Kejirwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have stolen the show.

Debutant AAP was off to a strong start in Delhi, looking on track to rise as one of the big stories of the state elections.

The AAP has created leads in 28 seats, standing second to BJP, which came first with 32. The incumbent Congress was settled at 8 seats.

Worse is that Arvind Kejriwal’s broom sweeps three time chief minister Sheila Dikshit in the prominent New Delhi constituency, with some 22,000 votes.

Challenging opponents, the Aam Aadmi party made a spectacular political entrance by crashing the Congress and punctured the much-hyped Modi tyre in Delhi.

Simultaneously, Congress has done badly but BJP is not better. Kejriwal gave jitters to BJP in neck to neck fight.

In spite of settling on the highest number of votes, the real loser in Delhi is in fact the BJP, which evidently failed to plug the anti-Congress mood as much as they could have, and Narendra Modi, whose self- declared appeal could not successfully answer the emergence of a newcomer: the Aam Aadmi Party.

The outcome go on to confirm that the BJP is not been seen as a really feasible political choice among the present electorates, and that people are open to discover and support new options if they are reliable, clean and unfailing in their position.

Congress’ defeat in Delhi is more an indication of public irritation against its federal leadership than Sheila Dikshit’s governance.

Amid all the chaos, Harry Potter-like Kejriwal has caught the tell tales of success flying on his AAP broom and confusing both Sheila Dikshit and Harshvardhan!

So, here comes more power to you, Mr Kejriwal for displaying us the strength of an angry activist.

For the BJP, conquest in these four states, which count for 72 of the total 543 Lok Sabha seats, would fortify Modi’s offer to bring the saffron party back to power at the Centre after 10 years.

The Congress, though, is trying to delink Sunday’s election outcome from the general elections next year.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the party would go into the 2014 general elections with self-confidence ‘irrespective of assembly election results.’ Even Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh said that “these results will have no bearing on 2014 Lok Sabha elections.”

I wonder where is Congress getting so much of confidence from, but I just hope the source of confidence is not Rahul Gandhi, or else in the coming years, Congress will just remain a state of mind, like poverty.

The only sensible statement made was by Sonia Gandhi, who said she was disappointed with the verdict and called for deep introspection.

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