5 types of professors you’ll find in your college

We take a look at the five types of professors every college has.

College life is never short of drama and fun, but when you throw in a couple of crazy professors to this list…it becomes even more interesting. Here are the five types of professors you’ll definitely find on a campus.
Take a look.

The chic meter:
We all have had the fresh out of college teacher who is so young and stylish that you have a huge crush on her/him. With their modern outlook and ‘I am sexy and I know it’ attitude, lectures are super fun when they are around. I remember having this crazy crush on my salt and peppered haired Math professor. Oh, the joy!


Ms Too Friendly:
Mr or Ms Too Friendly urges you to share your problems with him/her. Whether it’s related to study pressures or a traumatic break up, he/she is always there. When your prof says , ‘you can share anything with me’, don’t share anything with them.


Call me by my name, yaar:
Now this is the kind that really irks us. How are we supposed to tell you that we forgot to complete the assignment on time? Shout out something like, ‘Hey, Rahu! I didn’t do the essay, you know’? They kind of get offended when we use sir or madam while addressing them and we are never sure what to say or do around them.


Projects, projects, all the time:
More than teaching and explaining the concepts to you, they will load you with projects. So many frigging ones that you’d not understand a single word of what you’re writing. This is also the kind that thinks ten times before giving good grades…so, relax. Whatever you do, you are going to end up with a C minus.



Surprise tests, yo!
Honestly, this is the prof we all dread. They enter the classroom, smile like a maniac and go, ‘surprise! It’s test time!’ That is when you curse yourself and air-punch the professor in the face.


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