These Are The Kickass Comebacks For Sexist Remarks

Sexist remarks

Sexist remarks – Seriously, there is no respite from sexist remarks.

The human civilization has advanced till the gamut that women are leaving men behind by their professional merits but they are still made to face some stinkingly sexist comments by the aunties and victimised by moral policing.

The society is always up in arms against women who work, party, come home late and do all those things they not supposedly ‘allowed’ to.

We don’t understand what pleasure they derive from demeaning or slut-shaming women who are trying to find their feet in the male-dominated world. After all, they are working indefatigably towards bringing a new wave in the society and change the archaic perception of society towards women.

There are, however two paradoxes in the society for it is divided by two kinds of people, one lot are the doers and the other are the air-castle-raisers, the second lot will always want to put the first lot down driven by their own securities and limitations. They will administer the dirtiest of mind games and brazen of remarks to make you uncomfortable in your own skin but here are the ways you can help them stay put.

Seriously, there is enough of everything and women need to put their foot down in order to shut them up for trying to dilute their confidence left right and centre.

Here are the the Q & A examples of how you can give it back to them with sarcasm:

‘Dear can you do it on your own?’

‘Dear, I am so sorry, did you lose your brain? Where did you lose it again?’

We learned the hard way how to do it on our own, we don’t need constant emotional support unlike you. We know how to make the cut so better mind your own business.

Can a woman drive really well? Yes, she can drive you mad!’

‘Am I supposed to laugh on your bad joke, from next time please notify that a bad joke is on its way’

Figures say, women make more responsible drivers than men. Get your ideas clear, boy.

‘She had 5 boyfriends, she is a slut’

’I heard you too had 5 boyfriends, what does that make you? Macho?’

Why should boys have all the fun?

‘Women only flirt their way to success, so it is easy for you of course’

‘OMG! Don’t you know, I also have acquired our degrees through flirting with professors’.

Laugh out loud at them, then make a straight face and say, you were not joking?

‘Aren’t you too pretty to be smart?’

Wow! Thank you, you are pretty too, pretty stupid!’

That pretty much sums you up buoy!

‘You like cars, are you really a girl?’

‘Aw, you are sexist, are you sure you are educated?’

Such badassery!

‘You women are bad at technology, that’s really cute’

I can hack into your system and change your password’

Because women make engineers too.

‘She is such a feminist’


I will go with the latter.

These are Sexist remarks – Go girls! Give it back to them.

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