I Curse You But Believe Me I Don’t Mean It!


Today we see the usage of curse words has become immensely popular and the one who is saying it has reasons which somehow sounds logical. On the other hand, triggers our mind to think about it.

I curse only in front of my friends

You are talking to your friend and if you don’t abuse, that’s impossible. Youtubers are getting famous through abusing, youngsters are getting opened up more and saying it directly. The logic behind this is just we cannot fake it. I want my parents to know the real me hidden behind that all innocent mask. Every parent thinks it’s the friend circle which is wrong but who knows.


I curse only when I am angry

I have seen every age group falls into this category. People abuse when fighting with each other because they can’t fight in real and to push off each other and get rid of this feeling of anger they curse. This has no logic anyhow but yes people do this because of insecurities, rage, blame game and topmost to win the argument. Raising the voice and abusing are two important weapons when you want to win the argument.

There may be some other excuses people might give, but where it actually came from-


Took it from parents

Children see their parents abusing each other or with the neighbourhood, so they find it normal to abuse. Slowly when they have a social circle, some may stop them and that is the time they got to know this is kind of not normal and acceptable in the society. But, as I say acceptable, it has many variations like if you are talking to your age group, abusing is completely fine. I, as an older one in my family, cannot say curse words in front of my younger siblings and this is something weird. This is like an ageing factor that by the age you got to know everything but then also we can’t talk about it face to face with each other.



We have a social circle where coming up with new slangs is a cool thing. Slangs might be hard enough to crack one’s ego. So, when we try to make space for ourselves, we ought to be like them. Moreover, we got influenced by the way they talk and other people react to them. So, this is kind of a proud thing to be a part of the group and so we become like them. We abuse, we innovate new words, we slowly become the follower who follows what influence and my inner creativity get dies at that moment. This is not the scenario with everybody but let’s just accept this as one of the reasons.

Wherever you get it, you have been realized the point that whatever we say isn’t have an actual meaning of it. We say because it’s cool, it’s in the trend or maybe because it soothes our mind. We feel the same as we drink alcohol and relax our mind. As an Indian society, we have rules everywhere, so cursing has a rule too and that is you do it hidden and that is the only rule we have for every damn thing. We hide it.

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