10 Big Signs Of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking

Signs of emotional abuse

Signs of emotional abuse  – When we are in love with someone, we tend to ignore several signs that might be indicating towards something we do not want to admit.

Getting abused while being in a relationship is something is something a lot of people do not want to accept or do not realise. They remain in denial and want to firmly believe that everything is alright. When one talks about being abused in a relationship, one is not necessarily referring to physical abuse. Emotional abuse is as harmful or dangerous as physical abuse.

Here are 10 big signs of emotional abuse you may be overlooking.

Signs of emotional abuse –

  1. You live in fear

If you feel scared or intimidated when your partner, it shows there is something terribly wrong out your relationship.  There are times when you are cared to even raise up a conversation about something with him as you anticipate being shouted upon or your partner reacting sharply to it.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Unfair comparisons

Your partner is not happy with the way you are and constantly compares you to people around who, according to them, have better qualities than you. They keep drawing comparisons all the time and ask you why you cannot emulate them. They want to change something or the other about you every single day.

  1. Humiliate you

They leaveno opportunity to pick your flaws and humiliate you. Worse, they do this in public too. You wonder that when you treat them with utmost respect and dignity, why they cannot do the same to you. Most of the times, they humiliate you on trivial or non-existingissues that do not really merit a discussion.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Talking behind your back

Your partner talks ill of you behind your back. They have said things about you that are out rightlydistasteful and most of them are lies that have propagated with so much conviction that people have started falling for it. If they have any issue with you and want to resolve it, they should have a face to face discussion with you and not badmouth you behind your back.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Indifferent towards you

They have started avoiding you and seem to be in a bad mod when you are around them. Even if they agree to go out with you, their actions suggest that they do not care about your presence and would rather be alone. Such kind of behaviour indicates that they are indifferent towards you and are not interested in you.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Double faced

Many abusers have this quality of being double-faced as a person. This trait comes to the fore much more prominently when they are with their partner. Sometimes, your partnertreats you like you are the most important person in the world for them and then, there are times when they treat you with utmost disrespect. These are sings of an unstable mind and a warning for you to stay far away from them.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Emotional blackmailing

While a lot of people take this lightly and think it is okay for your partner to emotionally blackmail you once in a while when you are in a relationship, the truth is that it is not. Especially when this becomes a habit and they manipulate you emotionally to make you do certain things you are not comfortable with.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Getting isolated

One of the most obvious signs you being in an abusive relationship is that your partner is trying to isolate you from your family, friends and the rest of the world.  They do not want to you to have much of a contact with your surroundings. Although this is something they wold not do directly, they will reveal indirect means to make sure this happens.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Being overprotective

If yourpartnerconstantly keeps a check on you, calls you a hundred times in a day and want to know whereand whom you arewith, then it shows that they are beingoverprotective about you.  When you complain about it or tell them that this is making you uncomfortable, they will, in reply, tell you that they care for you and are concerned about your well-being. That is why they are so protective about you.

Signs of emotional abuse

  1. Start losing your self-respect

Your partner, throughtheir physical or verbal actions, puts youin a position where you start losing your self-resect. This is a dangerous cycle as it could reach appoint where you end up losing any sense of self-worth that you have about you. A partner should uplift you and inspire you to be a better person.  If the opposite happens, then you shod know that there is no point in being with them.

Signs of emotional abuse

These are the Signs of emotional abuse – Being okay with abuse is as bad as abusing somebody. If you do not get out of the relationship or take some other action, then you are equally to be blamed for what you are going through. Somebody who abuses you, either physically or emotionally does not deserve your respect or love.

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