Thousands Of Men Are Now Tweeting #HowIWillChange In Response To #MeToo Campaign!


#HowIWillChange#MeToo Campaign is trending worldwide.

Women are sharing their stories about sexual harassment in LIFE. Honestly, #MeToo campaign has given women the voice to share their stories. Since Monday, thousands OF women shared their sexual harassment stories by using the hashtag #MeToo. Women are still courageously tweeting their stories.

Undoubtedly, it is shocking.

To sum up, one can say that women are NOT SAFE, at all. Not just women, many men too used the hashtag #MeToo to share their story.

Today, thousands OF men are coming up with their own story using the hashtag #HowIWillChange. This hashtag was coined by Sydney based writer Benjamin Law. In his tweet, he wants men to come ahead and share how they will take a stand to stop the sexual harassment.

Here’s the tweet that has now gone viral.

Following him, many men are tweeting about it too. It is an act to prove that men will NOT keep quiet about sexual harassment and will help women in need, no matter what. Men are also making a promise that they will STOP blaming the victim and will take an action against the person who is sexually harassing women.

Here are the tweets –



It is indeed good to see that men are coming ahead and speaking up. Many men gave a negative response too saying that they’re NOT the problem in this and later Benjamin replied by saying “You’re a problem when you ignore it too.”

It is clear that we can come together and help each other to change this. In the end, women are NOT into this alone but there are MEN who are victims too.

So it is necessary to take a stand.

#HowIWillChange – Share your thoughts on this matter in the comment section. 

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