Women Are Using #MeToo Campaign To Share Stories About Their Sexual Abuse And It Will Hit You Hard!

#MeToo Campaign

#MeToo Campaign – Since yesterday, #MeToo Campaign is trending on all the social media sites. It is a two word term that is coined by actress Alyssa Milano, but is that really enough? Absolutely NOT, right? Since the Harvey Weinstein incident, many women are coming forward to share their story. On Facebook and on Twitter, women are still courageously sharing their story. Some women are simply leaving “MeToo” words to tell the world that they were sexually abused in LIFE. Whereas, some women are talking about it in depth.

Many Hollywood actresses are supporting this campaign with their whole heart and are urging women to come out and speak. Like I mentioned, many women are sharing their stories and undeniably, these will hit you hard.

Here are some tweets –


The most heartbreaking one.

Not only women, even men are coming FORWARD to share and support others.

The Harvey Weinstein incident has opened many eyes and it is clear, that such behavior won’t be tolerated by women anymore. In the midst of this, again the question that remains is, what will be the next step? Is this going to stop such happenings? The answer might be NO. AFTER reading so many heartbreaking stories, one can clearly say that an action needs to be taken. This isn’t the First time women are sharing their story. With this new campaign, let’s hope that this stops.

Many users are showing their support –

#MeToo Campaign : This #MeToo Campaign proves that women are NOT SAFE at workplace, streets and even at their home. So to avoid that; an action needs to be provided. All the women out there, BE STRONG and take action. Times are changing and you need to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF when others are too weak to help us. WE CAN FIGHT AND WE SHOULD, TO STOP THIS. I know it’s hard to survive in pain like this, but we need to save ourselves when others try to shut us down. All the men out there, we know that some of you are victims too. So raise your voice and know that we can bring a CHANGE.

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