Why chick flicks can be fun!

Even though chick flicks are formulaic, cheesy and mushy, these act as great anti-depressants.

Oh, no, no. Don’t raise your arched eyebrows at us yet. We are actually going to tell you what supreme fun chick flicks actually are. Even though they are formulaic, cheesy and mushy, these flicks act as great anti-depressants. And you can always pick up great date ideas from them. So, what’s not to like!

Chick flicks are a great way to unwind on a lazy Sunday when you’re feeling rather bored. Grab a tub of cheese popcorn, get hold of a couple of vibrantly coloured cushions, call over your gal pals and have a blast watching mindless romance sagas over lot of gossip. These are absolute treasures to know the latest trends, fashion tips and sometimes, you may even relate to a character or two. Whether you’re the ‘happy ending’ kind or not, you’re bound to feel a little warm when the two lovers finally walk down the aisle after a lot of misunderstandings and troubles.

cfIt’s said that these movies are largely targeted at girls, who are suckers for love and mush. But chick flicks are watched by men too, to know what women want! So the next time your guy disappoints you in the ‘remebering-to-buy-you-a-gift’ department, make him watch a lovey dovey movie so that he picks up a cue or two about women. I know a lot of guys who down pegs of beer (to feel macho) and watch such romantic movies…just to show their girls how much they care for them. Awww.

After a really depressing day at work, you don’t want to come home to ‘reality’ cinema, do you? You want mindless, non stop fun. You want loads of cheesy pick up lines, crazy marriage proposals and happily ever afters. You want a nice fairy tale. After all, every girl secretly wants to be the damsel in distress, to be rescued by her knight in shining armour. Don’t let people tell you what fool you are to be watching such movies. Ask them to go take a hike. Such people are loveless creatures who can’t seem to digest others’ happiness. You do whatever you feel like and openly accept that you love mushy sagas.


And it’s not like the chicks in these flicks are dumb. They’re smart, independent women who are a little unfortunate in love till THE man comes along. Sound familiar? Some chick flicks are so like your own life that you wonder if the makers are talking about you in the movie. It’s okay if you tear up during the climax of Titanic, if you go all ‘awww’ when Ben Affleck proposes to long time live-in partner Jennifer Aniston in ‘He’s Not That Into You’, if you clap like crazy when Hugh Grant makes a complete fool of himself in front of Julia Roberts during the final scene in ‘Nottin Hill’ or if you wipe away a tear or two when Richard Gere realises what a fool he is and comes back to Julia in ‘Pretty Woman’. These small things make you more human. So, it’s okay to enjoy such movies. And since when has showing emotions been a punishable offense? We aren’t men, you see. We show all our emotions and pent up love the way it should be displayed.

Chick flicks teach you to live, laugh and love. They tell you that’s okay to have dated a string of men, it’s quite cool to run away from your wedding if you’re unsure, it’s quite natural to fall in love with your best buddy, and so on. This Sunday, bring out your all time favorite chick flick and watch it on your own and you’ll understand what sweet fun these things are…

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