Is It Good To Be Brands Addict?

Brand addict

Brand addict – Being conscious about products and services you opt for yourself is a sensible act, but obsession of brands sounds absurd to be place in the category.

Yes, brands offer you the name and quality you’re looking forward but do they worth reasonable? Being crazy about brands and  rushing for every possible product to buy is as crazy as burning your money by yourself. But why you shouldn’t be brands addict?

Read below and you’ll end up nodding for a acceptance:

Brand addict

Being Brand addict –

1 – Limits your horizon:

Be it clothing, dining, using stationary or other services, you should be wise while purchasing or paying. Wise in no way relates to stuck on a particular brand or brands but opting the best option at reasonable price.

2 – Lack of experimentation:

When you limit your horizon and end up having little things to put on or use you lack experimentation. This means you follow the overrated trend and style in the same mood opted by people around you.

3 – No new:

Sometimes all you need is new to alter your monotonous wrapping style. New means something out of the box that add twist to your look. Thus even if you shop regularly or even frequently but all you buy is similar in a way or the other, your purchase is in vain.

4 – Expensive:

Indubitably, branded items costs more than the ordinary one, so even if you go to buy a minimal hairclip, it would costs you more bucks than usual.

5 – Quality:

Yes, brands offer you the name and promise of quality service which often seems to be merely an act of publicity as you may find many similar product of price lower than the one mentioned by a particular brand.

6 – Does that worth it?

If you are spending hefty on a particular product, you should make sure it worth it. If you simply buy a product just because of the tag name is carries and not the quality it is of, you are making a big time wrong decision.

7 – Affects your taste:

When you blindly follow a  brand, it affects your taste and thus make you think in the way that costs over your creativity. You should always be flexible enough to switch to the services provided by the lesser known companies, if they are of good quality.

8 – Less choice: 

You would comparatively have less options and choices if you are brand freak. If you feel being loyal to a particular brand or brands is right way to make your style statement then you forsure miss the opportunity to bring out the creativity in you.

9 – Lack fun of street shopping:

If you are unaware of the fun that street shopping gives, trust me you are missing something very big. Especially if you are a Mumbaikar or Delhi based, street shopping is always heart replenishing.

Being a brand addict in today’s fancy era is something quite common. You may find youngsters teasing those who could not afford brands and call them down status. Well what sets your status is probably your work. Brands are just marketing their products and the one which advertises more comes to the limelight while the rest struggles in the never ending competition.

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