How To Determine If You Are A True Shopaholic

Signs of shopaholic – You are a definite shopaholic whose life’s sole aim is to shop for unnecessary items and pack your house with unopened goods.

Do you shop for unnecessary items only to pass time or rejuvenate your mood or shop till you are broke?

You might just be a shopaholic!

While most of us love shopping in a huge mall or a grand shopping centre, some of us might be certified shopaholics.

Here are some signs to determine if you tend to shop for no reason and the ‘shop till you drop’ theory holds true for you.

1).  Do you shop according to the occasion such as weddings, birthdays and festivals or when sale period is at its peak? Then, step aside. You do not experience the adrenaline rush that is linked to the shopaholic behaviour. Shopaholics tend to get addicted to and excited about every small or big purchase even if that means digging deep into their pockets or taking loans from friends.

2).  Are you taken aback at the shopping bills and tend to conceal it from your friends, parents or spouse? Then, you are a shopaholic in every sense of the word as once you are able to hide your shopping bills and thus overcome your guilt; you will tend to make it a habit.  

3).  Remember the movie, Apna Sapna Money Money? Are your dreams and thoughts also centred on money like the movie name suggests? Do you think that only money and lots and lots of it can make you truly happy and satisfied? These are the symptoms of a person addicted to shopping who might get disappointed at the lack of surplus cash, thinking that it can hamper his/her shopping plans.

4).  Do you still have dresses in your wardrobe along with their price tags intact? You might not have needed them at the moment but anyway bought them as they made you feel happy and you could not settle with the idea of leaving them at the store for someone else.

5).  Do you believe that only a new pair of jeans or a pretty pink dress can lessen your feeling of distress and depression? Do you love to carry several shopping bags just to enliven your mood and stop feeling angry and upset? Then, there is no reason not to believe that you are an obsessive shopaholic and shopping according to you is your only respite for loneliness.

6).  When you think of putting an end to your regular shopping itinerary, you feel irritated and cannot resist shopping for long to make your dear ones happy. When asked not to shop anymore, you try and find excuses to buy that new piece of clothing or jewellery.

7).  Did you check your bank balance after buying those accessories and dresses recently? Well, you might be in for a surprise after making that purchase on EMI just so that you can satisfy your fetish over the brand. Shopaholics can often lead their finances to go for a toss as they buy items only because they love them and do not care about the expenses.

8).  You don’t need a new top or that denim jump suit you are planning to buy. Even the coffee mugs waiting in your kitchen to be used are proof enough that you buy unnecessary things that might, someday put you through a pathetic debt phase. A person who can spend on unnecessary items without thinking of where he will keep it or if he/she has money enough for the expense is a shopaholic who suffers the same addiction problems of a smoker, an alcoholic or a drug addict.

9).  Your visits to the mall or the nearby store are never related to window shopping. Every time you visit the store you cannot think of leaving it empty-handed. You can go to the party wearing those red heels with your little black dress and do not need another pair of glossy footwear to get the spotlight on you. Shopaholics have an unbearable urge to shop whenever they visit stores and often find themselves regretting it later. Some may even justify their unpredictable shopping habits.

10).  Do you find yourself bringing home expensive shoes and similar shades of jeans each time? This repurchase of unnecessary items can become a compulsion and you might find yourself rating a 9 on 10 for your passion for shopping.

So, does this list qualify you as an obsessive shopper? It might be more serious than you can imagine it to be. You might be jeopardizing and overlooking life just to express your loyalty towards luxury brands.

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