Relationship Rules : Top Things to Know While Dating an Engineer.

Relationship Rules

Relationship Rules – Gone are time when engineers meant studious boys with thick-glassed  spectacles.

Today with the change in time these young brains love to enjoy life and also have a zest to look cool and smart. So, if you are in love/relationship with an engineer then these are the relationship rules you must know:-

Relationship Rules –

  1. He’s a Weekend Person

The engineers have busy weekdays and hence don’t expect him to visit you during the week. Although, his two-day long week off is when you can make the most of time  as a couple.

  1. He’s Calm & Supportive

These professionals won’t lose  temper easily. Thus, having an engineer as a partner is a lucky thing. As, you can have a shoulder to lie during the though times or when feeling low. Also,  don’t expect your boyfriend to react as soon as something happens as these professionals believe in action while having a calm and cool attitude.

  1. He’s a Jack of All Trades

He have learnt all tricks while completing  engineering. Thus, he is best at fixing every small to big things. Hence, dating an engineer is a  perfect way to have a genius by your side.

  1. He’s Information Oriented.

Engineers love to have a detailed knowledge of what they are upto. So, keep your yourself  updated with whatever things you are in conversation with. Also, dating an engineer means being a disciple and cleanliness lover. So, have a look at the room everytime he is visits you. As these professionals won’t like cluttered homes/places even if they have same for themselves.

  1. Don’t expect him to plan Surprises.

Many boys loves to surprise their girls but your engineer boyfriend is a class apart. This is the case with almost every techie as these guys are too busy with their coding and presentation that they love to relax instead of planning surprises. But, remember that dating an engineer guy is an amazing this as they always love to explore and visit new places and thus you may be the lucky girl who can enjoy life to the fullest with the person you love the most.

  1. He’s a Passionate Guy.

Being an engineer is not an easy thing and still he choose to be one. It became possible only because he is passionate about what he loves. So, be cautious about your behaviour as he won’t appreciate girlfriend’s ill or flirty attitude.

These are the Relationship Rules that you need to follow – These are the relationship rules you must keep in mind while dating a person who is an engineer by profession.

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