Dear Congressis, do you still want to work under Rahulji?

Congress and Rahul needs to alter their ways else Narendra Modi’s dream of Congress-mukt Bharat will soon become a reality.

Exit polls are like stunts. They come with a disclaimer. But they are executed in a fashion which is close to reality. Sometimes the projections are wrong but, mind you, only by margins.

This time, several exit polls have shown Bhartiya Janata Party gaining clear majority in four assembly elections. This is a major setback for Congress and an extra work on the party spokespersons who are having a hard time defending their party’s position.

What is surprising that the party is going to fail despite a golden opportunity in hand which could have turned the tide to its advantage in all the states.

In Rajasthan and Delhi, party was in power. Rajasthan government has been much praised on many accounts and it had opened various sops for the janata there. In Delhi, the triangular contest could have worke in its advantage due to the division of anti-votes for it.

In Chhatisgarh, Congress had a sympathy wave for it due to the Naxal attacks on its leaders. In Madhya Pradesh too it could have fought n real issues and gained votes.

Each state had different set of issue and Congress party failed to take advantage. The reason is pretty simple – the problem is their leadership.

Rahul Gandhi failed to provide an able leadership to the party. His simple ignorance of the facts, harping on emotions rather than touching the issues close to people, and lack of experience is what going to cost the party, and that too very dearly.

Today’s voters are mature. They understand the difference between real progress and sham progress. They have a model Gujarat in front of them to put their faith on Modi who has great administrative experience. On the other hand, it has always seen Rahul evading any possibility of gaining experience.

At a time when Rahul should have been well versed in politics, he was discovering India and referring to his mommy excessively who has been behind devising every policy which UPA launched with the single motto of garnering votes.

The economy of the country is in shambles even though it has a great economist as prime minister. But he is perceived as a puppet of the great Nehru-Gandhi family whose scion Rahul is. Also, Rahul goes a step ahead and insults the same prime minister on policy issues when he is on a foreign trip.

His public addresses a repeat of themselves, he has no understanding of the basic issues, he uses jargons that nobody understands and his way of working is arrogant. What more could work the public?

Although it a little too late to do a soul-searching, but Rahul and his team should immediately start on that. His ‘progressive’ ways needs to be checked as they are clearly failing.

Because if these exit polls become a reality on December 8, Rahul will recreate Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for Congress. And Narendra Modi’s dream of “Congress-mukt Bharat” will soon become a reality.

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