“Mystery spot” The Nature Has An Unnatural Behavior

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Earth and Universe have their way of expressing their behavior. Not always they tend to express their functions and nature of behavior similarly. It denies following the universal laws, and when it does so, the entire phenomenon is known as a mystery or magic.  One is the “Magical Spot”, which is located in California.

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Mystery Spot California, With Unnatural Behavior

The place is extraordinarily attractive with the strange magical behavior which opposes the law of gravity. This place in California possesses a mysterious behavior that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Can you ever imagine a pen or a stick to roll down from the high level of a Teetor Totter? Generally, when anything rolls we always experience that it rolls from the higher level to the lower level. But it is the opposite in the “Mystery Spot”, the object seems to move from the lower level to the higher level.

It is unbelievable for an eye but it is possible when one can observe it in the circular area with a strange impact of gravity in Santa Cruz.

George Prather in 1939 discovered this place, who was in search of land to build a house for his wife. Later he opened this place for visitors to experience the magical behavior of the place. It is difficult for anyone to stay here for long as it causes dizziness. Dizziness is one of the factors that developed doubts about the strange ambiance.

He bought about three acres of land on the top of the hill in Santa Cruz, being curious to understand the Mystery spot, he discovered the opposite behavior of the “Mystery Spot”. People can visit this place for a few hours. But it may not be habitable as it is against the law of physics.

Level Differences are attractive but cause doubts

No one with the same height can expect to have a different height when they are standing on the same level. Level differences can ensure to make changes but it is magic here in this spot when two standing at the same levels show a height difference. That is one looks shorter and the other looks taller. The hidden mystery puts each visitor in doubt about the spot.

Witches or magical powers can walk on walls or swing in the air. But this “Mystery spot” has proven the entire fact to be not only connected to magic. Humans can walk over the walls of the house that was built by the owner George Prather.

Walking and swinging in the air without any gravitational is easy and fun at the same time. Nature has given this “Mystery Spot” distinctive features that are against the nature’s behavior. The changes in the gravitational pull are not similar to the rest of the earth. The gravitational pull is not towards the ground which makes this place magical and attractive at the same time.

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