Karva Chauth: Back Then It Was A Festival To Celebrate The Bond Of Friendship Between The God-Sisters!

Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is not exactly how it was in the past.

It is celebrated on the fourth day after the night of the full moon in the month of Karthik.

This festival is so popular that the girls who are unmarried have also adopted this ritual. If I’m not wrong then there are many unmarried ones who fast for their partner.

Whereas the married ones are also full of preparation to celebrate the long-hour fasting day.

Apart from this modern celebration; the originality of Karwa Chauth was completely different.

This festival was earlier started to celebrate the relationship between two women. Earlier, when a girl was married, she was bonded with another woman from her in-laws side and they were then declared as sisters or friends for the entire life. Well, based on the small Hindu ceremony both of ‘em was then the “God-sisters” or “God-friends” for life.

And the relationship for life meant that both of them will have to be together and support each-other if any trouble arises. Well, doesn’t matter if it is related to the in-laws; the relationship between them was something that was promise-able and unbreakable.

Hence, it was always in this manner but later the way of celebration changed and since then it is all about fasting for husbands.

So ladies, what seems easier? Past or Present.

Also, do you have any idea regarding how fasting by women increases the lifespan of husbands?

In reality, fasting improves the body from inside by making the cells, organs and tissues healthier. In short, it highly results into detoxifying the entire body by keeping liver, kidney etc all safe and healthy. The fasting also increases the reproductive longevity and the lifespan of women.

I know, now this might question how does it reflects into increasing the lifespan of husband.

Well, it’s quite simple too- the ancient Indians started this custom of fasting with a great thought. If a reproductive longevity in women increases then it results into increasing the potential for more sexual stamina.

And once the sexual stamina in women increases then this benefit the men and thus it boost up their lifespan entirely. (Smart, isn’t it?)

Therefore based on this logic the concept of fasting during Karva Chauth benefits both of them equally.

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