You Don’t Have Killer Looks? These 6 Tricks Will Make You A Successful Rockstar!


Looks are a gift of nature and a result of your parental genetics! You simply can’t help how you look! Period!

Now that you have established this fact, let’s see what you can do to still live a rocking life, making even the most handsome and beautiful people around you feel jealous of you!

Just follow these 6 tricks that give you Killer Looks and rockstar personality!

1) Winning Personality

Looks can’t be changed, but what lies inside can be changed, anytime, anywhere! Be a person that everyone wants to be with. Spread positivity and a magnetic charm with your confidence and style that floors even the best looking people!


2) Be Funny

It is very easy to sulk and cry and be sad. What is not easy is to be smile, be happy, be funny and make everyone around laugh. That requires special talent and if you can nurture that personality trait, trust me, guys and girls might even pay to listen to you! Being funny is a special gift that you work on and then no one will care about how you look!


3) Be Easy

You must have heard stories about drop-dead gorgeous people having a lot of attitude, not being people-friendly or not even being approachable. Now you, act opposite! Be easy and be relatable and be approachable to anyone and everyone. Even if you’re successful, ensure that you stay grounded. People might be in awe of good looking people, but they love those who are easy to be with.


4) Dressing Sense

Your flat nose or receding hairline may give you the jitters, but if you take just a bit of extra care in how you dress up, what kind of colours and prints and shades you wear, life will become massively easy. Being prim and proper with a great dressing sense can make you the life of any party or office conference. Looks are enhanced with clothing and you can make this your mantra!


5) Physical Attributes

If you’re fat, lose it! If your body language is dull, enhance it! In simple words, work on your physical attributes that you can control rather than cribbing about what’s not in your control.  Work on your posture, sitting position, a smile on the face and such little things will go a long way in making a favourable impression on people meeting you.


6) Be Successful

Good looking people might get things easily, but then it may or may not last and most of them will anyways not get credit for it. Simply because of the perception that good-lookers get in on a plate! You, on the other hand, don’t have to impress anyone with your looks, so better focus all your energies on work and be successful. Trust me when I say that success speaks louder than looks! Look around, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and none of the likes are Greek God material! Got the point, huh?


The idea is guys to stop worrying about looks and focus on life, which is much bigger than the shallow concepts of looks and physical attributes.

Dive deeper and come out as a winner!

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