5 Problems That NRIs Face When They Are Home

NRIs travelling home often face some problems which are mocked. Before you LOL on them give a minute to understand their problems and then decide on your reaction…

Typically in every Indian family there is someone who pays a visit from a foreign country once in a while. Though most of us love them for the goodies that they get but there are many of us who find these Non-resident Indian (NRI) relatives or friends a bit annoying.

I think we shouldn’t be judgemental. I understand they can irritate us to the core but let’s give a thought on why do these NRIs project blow up their problems to a completely different level.

They are don’t do certain things to grab attention but end up being a centre of attraction. Take a look at the genuine problems that I think NRIs usually face when they are in their homeland…

All they need is bottled water

The moment NRIs land home they will be seen with mineral water bottles in their hand. A lot of people misunderstand this as an attitude problem but in reality that is not the case. These poor chaps are accustomed to have much more filtered water in the foreign land.

I could recall a scene from a popular Hindi movie Swades in which Shahrukh Khan pays a role of a NRI who has a problem with the drinking water available in rural eras. Later on he is seen getting emotional while taking a sip of the water from the well. It is not that they cannot have tap water but the problem is they might end up spending their holidays visiting the doctors.  


A strict no to street food


Indians have a thing for street food. In news last week even Vijay Mallya was spotted having a plate of pani puri on streets. The problem that NRIs face is they cut on spices the moment they are away from home. The reasons behind this are many but mostly because of the non availability of spices there NRIs are forced to cut down spices. They again hesitate to eat out on streets because the foreign land taught them to be hygienic all the time.  

So, the moment NRIs start visiting you home or even go out to restaurants here they expect Indian food to taste bland. Many who host lunch or dinner for this community are left offended because NRIs end up having bad tummy because they cannot take in any extra spice on their plate. 

The obsession for sanitizer


NRIs start every activity of their by sanitizing their hands. There is a kind of OCD that these people develop. You feel like hitting them hard on their head but you being a true Indian you prefer to keep your calm and just watch them acting funny. You might want to get them a life time supply of sanitizer but then you realise they might ridicule you for your local brand choice too.

Suddenly they have a problem in understanding the local dialect

Watch this scene from the popular American show The Big Bang Theory…

Hmm! I think that says it all. LOL.

Pollution hits their nostrils all the time


Aww! I feel really bad for the NRIs who end up sneezing as soon as they start walking in open air. They then blame pollution for everything that happens to skin. They then bore you for hours on end explaining how perfect their resident land is.

The funniest thing is when these people come complain about noise pollution who end up enjoy loud Indian city night more that you. Sigh!

So, the next time if you have a NRI guest home LOL in your mind and sympathize with ther problems. 

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