One Boundary Issue, Two Facets: Here Is What Happened When Modi-Jinping Met

Nearly 1,000 Chinese troops crossed about five km into Indian territory on Wednesday in Ladakh’s Chumar sector, even as the troops of both sides held a flag meeting at the brigadier-level in Chushul.

The sit-ups that Chinese President Xi Jinping had to do in the brief press meet, where the Indian and Chinese delegation exchanged the signed documents, was nothing in comparison to what Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Army has been doing due to People’s Liberation Army’s incursion into Indian territory.

Nearly 1,000 Chinese troops crossed about five km into Indian territory on Wednesday in Ladakh’s Chumar sector, even as the troops of both sides held a flag meeting at the brigadier-level in Chushul.

There has also been a civilian intrusion in the Demchok area where Chinese nomads – Rebos – have pitched their tents. The incursion in this area is nearly 500 metres deep into Indian territory.

Chumar, located more than 300 kms Northeast of Leh and bordering Himachal Pradesh, has been a flash point between the two sides with Chinese making several attempts to end India’s dominance in the area.

When both leaders met at the Hyderabad House for nearly ninety minutes, the border issue was raised without wait by the Prime Minister. Although the content of the discussion remained unclear, later, in his address to the media, PM Modi spoke freely about the border incursions followed by similar words from President Xi.

Here is what both leaders said at the joint press brief as reported by Firstpost:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: I am happy that within a few months of my government formation, Xi has come to India. China is our biggest neighbour.

Both India and China are in the process of economic and social change and hence it is essential to work in co-operation. We need to ensure that there is peace along the border, and if there is, we can work together in mutual cooperation. If this happens we can realise true potential of our relations.

In the last 2 days, in Ahmedabad and Delhi we talked about all aspects of India-China relations. We have decided to increase co-operation on every possible front. We both believe that our economic potentials have not been realised. I have highlighted the rise in India’s trade balance. We feel we can increase our economic relations. I urged that our companies get easier market access & investment opportunities in China.

I have invited China to invest in infrastructure and manufacturing sectors in the country. There has been an agreement for China to set up two industrial parks in India. And China will invest $20 bn in next 5 years. I am glad two Chinese industrial parks will be built in India.

We have also talked about nuclear energy co-operation between China and India.

I also thank the Chinese President for giving permission for a new route to the Mansarovar through the Nathu-la pass.

I have expressed concern over the incidents along the border between the two nations. We must resolve the boundary issue at the earlier.

Clarifications on LAC can be a big step to peace across Sino-Indian borders. I have discussed India’s concerns relating to China’s visa policy and trans border rivers. Early resolution would enhance mutual trust.

A peaceful Afghanistan is beneficial for both India and China, we also discussed measures against terrorism.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is a historic opportunity for the relationship between India and China, filled with vast possibilities.

Chinese President Xi Jinping: It is my great pleasure to meet you and convey my regards. I thank President Pranab Mukherjee for the invitation. India is a country brimming with vitality. Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi India will achieve new and great progress and development.

Moments ago the PM and I had fruitful talks and we witnessed exchange of various agreements. We discussed ways to raise cooperation to a higher level. Also discussed regional issues and reached broad consensus.

Both agreed we are emerging markets and are in the process of great economic growth. 

The two sides agreed both must maintain high level visits and contact. We must push forward bilateral relations. On behalf of China, I invite Prime Minister Modi to visit China early next year.

The two sides will work together on improving therailway sector. We will also cooperate on redevelopment of railway stations and hi-speed railways. We will set up parks in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Will take active steps to give more market access to products from India in products including pharmaceuticals.

We should move towards peaceful, cooperative and inclusive development. It is important that we strengthen exchanges at all levels.

We have agreed to expand people to people and cultural exchanges to strengthen friendship. Both sides have agreed on cooperation in cultural and educational programmes. We will also participate in the International Film Festival in Goa.

The year 2015 will be made the visit India year in China, and in 2016 the visit China in India.

The two sides have agreed to work together to steer regional cooperation. Will support each others participation in regional and sub-regional cooperation. We will act like train engines to strengthen growth in the region. 

China welcomes and supports India’s full membership in the Shanghai cooperation and we hope India will support China in SAARC.

China-India boundary issue is a problem which has troubled both sides for long. The China-India border areas have maintained peace and tranquility. As the area is yet to be demarcated, there may be some incidents.

China and India are important nations to each other, there are outstanding issues but both sides must work quick to handle them to seek amicable relations with each other. 

China and India are countries with major influence in the world. When both speak in one voice the whole world listens. 

India and China signed 12 agreements following talks between PM Modi and President Xi. The pacts include cooperation in railways, outer space and customs.

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