Pune – Natively Known To Be The City Of Education


A city resembling the purity of Maharashtrian culture, Pune is natively known to be the city of education in Maharashtra.

As in Mumbai, we have migrants from across the globe for finding right jobs, so do we have immigrants from across every nook and corner of the country in search of quality education. It is the glorified education system of Pune that calls on the career focused youth for a better place to study.

Right from the school age, the students here are made to prefer education as their whole and sole. Here the entire education system thrives in at their best for the overall evolvement of a student so when he enters the world outside, he is ready to face the challenges and emerge as a powerful voice of progressive India in whatever frontiers he opt for in future. The purity of the education system or the Varsa Hakk as we say it in Marathi is imbibed in every educational system here.


The school not only teaches the students the basic academic curriculum but also inculcates the vibes of our cultural heritage to represent a better citizen of India. Here one can find schooling systems of all levels i.e. State Boards, CBSE,ICSE, etc but the quality of education they provide to their children is unified. Many schools are age old built about even a century ago. Like for example, we have New English School whose foundation was laid by our Bal Gangadhar Tilak Sir.

It was from here only, that Bal Gangadhar Tilak Sir addressed the nation through his harsh voice against the British via Kesari in Marathi and Maratha in English. We have great ideals of Savitribai Phule who was the first female social reformer to start a school for girls in Pune to educate them. She met stringent oppositions from the community, but never withdrew herself from her pledge of educating the girls. Such are the deeds and ideals which laid the foundation of Pune’s culture tossed with the spice of education.


Today, the schools in Pune along with the academic curriculum, imbibe the moral of culture, acquaint students with the defense training as well as provide with various facilities such as Abacus, Vedic Maths learning skills to maintain their connection with the ancient teaching practices coupled with the present social happenings.

Situated in the north-eastern part of Pune city, Univesity of Pune occupies about 411 acres area. Surrounded by a beautiful campus, the university is a home to a broad range of courses. It’s popularly known as the Oxford of the East. There are more than 40 departments under the University of Pune. It has many affiliated colleges like Fergusson College, Modern College, Abbasaheb Garware College, etc known for their dignity and authenticity in providing class education.

Besides, the common education system, Pune is most sought for civil services preparation. We have our very old and famous Appasaheb Balwant Chawk i.e. ABC where you’ll find bookstores supplying resource for civil service preparation at very reasonable rates. People appreciate for the variety of books they find here. Also, there’s a welfare association named Shree Tambadi Jogeshwari Navin Juni Pustak Vikri Sangatna which buys and sells old books. The association pulls a sea of crowd. Once the exams are over, the business of ABC book sellers peak in the duration from March to July.


Such is the education system of our rich city of Pune coated with the essence of culture maintaining the standards of the core morals and ethics bestowed upon by our ancestors. Visit Pune anytime, and you’ll definitely find the atmosphere to revitalize yourself and start your education once again. The breeze here blows with the fragrance of books and even a non-book lover automatically switches and enjoys reading.

Truly what we call Pune as “Vidyecha Maherghar”

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