Shocking: Mother’s Love For Daughter Made Her Kill Three Sons

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A family was shattered and were deeply sad to know about the death of the son soon after the deaths of two sons.

But the cause and culprit of the death of the child helped to open up about the previous death cases as well.

The culprit was none other than their own mother.

Read on to this news piece on how mother’s love for daughter made her kill three sons.


23 Year old Brittany Pilkington from Ohio, USA, is jailed for killing her three sons

As per media reports, Brittany Pilkington from Ohio, USA, called the cops to report her baby boy wasn’t breathing and hours later she dazed everyone by confessing that she is the culprit behind all the killings. Brittany Pilkington was charged with three counts of murder of her three sons. She reportedly said that she murdered all of her sons by placing a blanket and suffocated them to death.

She is accused and jailed for the death of three month old Noah and for the deaths of four year old Gavin, who died in the April, and three month old Niall, who died last year. The neighbor told to media that how the mother never showed any remorse and hurt during the previous deaths but these things were not taken into consideration and the deaths were ruled as an accident with no foul play.

This confession shook everyone and what is more shocking and disturbing is the reason behind the killings. She killed their sons over a period of thirteen months because her husband was not paying much attention towards their daughter.

She claimed that she killed her sons just to get her husband’s attention toward their only daughter.  She also mentioned how she was upset over her hubby’s constant attention to their baby boys than to the daughter.

Also we can learn from the media reports that, Hailey, the only surviving child of the family is now safe and was handed over to county children;s welfare agency.

What are your thoughts on this spine chilling, dastardly act? Can any sane person can do this heinous act against one’s family?

Let us know your views in the comments below.

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