Let’s Demand President’s Rule In (Nir)Uttar Pradesh

Rapes and murders are happening in UP on a daily basis. The state machinery has failed to maintain law and order. Let’s demand President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh.

It seems Akhilesh Yadav-led government of Uttar Pradesh is not ready to answer any of the uncomfortable questions regarding rising cases rapes and violence against women in his state. After another 18 year old girl was found semi-nude hanging from a tree in Bahraich, the UP CM said that he will “not comment” on the incident as the media always twists his statements.

He was attending a “big” investors meet oranised by the state government to attract investors. On the law and order situation in his state, he retorted: “Whenever somebody asks me about this (law and order), I say it is a very important subject and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that it remains in good condition. It (law and order situation) is fine in UP and better than in many other states… That is why they (investors) have come in such large numbers.”

His irresponsible statements have very much indicated how much answerable he holds himself for the incidences. First he had mocked a journalist on her safety, then he had asked media to google crimes in other states.

This was the third incidence where a girl was hanged from a tree after her murder. There have been, on an average, 10 incidences of rapes reported daily after the heinous Badaun rape incident matching with the NCRB record for the state. In addition to that, cases of assault and murders are being reported too. In these are three cases where members of BJP, which swept the state in Lok Sabha elections, were shot at and murdered. But Akhilesh has done nothing till now other than transferring some officials who are not directly responsible for the administration of cities.

Given the audacity with which he confronts media and critics, as the administrator of the state and representative of the people of UP, he should either be shut up or shamed. Today, he is expected to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although it will only be a miracle if something better comes out of the meet as the law and order situation in the state has clearly gone out of the hands of Akhilesh, we will still have to wait for the outcome.

But, let’s pin for President’s Rule in the state. Afterall, the state machinery has failed.

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