No Lesson Learnt By CM Akhilesh Yadav And His UP Govt?

Akhilesh tells media to google other states while a minor girl is abducted and hanged from a tree in his state, again.

New rape cases are coming to light on a daily basis in Uttar Pradesh. And this happens even after the horrible Badaun gangrape incident which sent shock waves across the country. Rather than cracking the whip on the police in the district, whose two constables are allegedly involved in the incidence, the UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has transferred or removed top officials for showing-casing his responsibility.

Reluctantly, he agreed to CBI enquiry on the incident. His government submitted report on the heinous crime after home ministry’s chiding. And he has been constantly ducking questions by the media by issuing arrogant, insincere and irresponsible statements.

After his “safety” mock to journalists, on Tuesday, the UP CM accused media of highlighting the cases occurring in his state while ignoring the cases in the other. According to him, cases in UP were being “purposefully publicized by cunning people and the media”.

“Badaun or any other incidents in the state, the government has taken stern action on them. In Badaun whatever steps the government could take, it took. Decision on CBI inquiry has also been taken. Wherever incident took place in the state, action has been taken,” Akhilesh told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

Citing law and order incidents of Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, he asked the media persons to “google search” those incidents as  well.

“An incident happened in Bangalore, was it shown on national channels? Incidents are taking place in Madhya Pradesh. I have got information that chain of a member of a big minister was snatched near her home. Rajasthan is before you. Only UP is visible and this is more visible to cunning people,” he said.

“When the Budaun case came to light, we took all possible steps and even recommended a CBI inquiry. While incidents take place in other states as well  and you can google search the figures, but incidents in UP are highlighted more,” he further added.

While pointing to other states is not a proper answer to the lawlessness in his own state, calling it a conspiracy against his government by “cunning” people should definitely not be the excuse.

As pointed earlier, cases of rape and violence against women have been on rise in UP and CM Akhilesh has not done much about it. Had he taken any “stern” action against the incidents as he mentioned in his reply to the journalists, repeated cases of rape would not have been reported.

Just yesterday while he was issuing this statement, a 15 year old girl from Sitapur district was found hanging from a tree in the Misrikh area of the district. She was reported missing on Monday night itself from Benipur village.

The similarity of this case with the Badaun one and the fearlessness inside the criminals in UP suggests that either CM Akhilesh does not have control over his administration or the criminals do not consider him effective or of any worth.

It seems CM Akhilesh and his government has not learnt its lesson yet.

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