Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advise Towards Young Minds

Jack Ma, the Chinese business tycoon and co-founder of Alibaba group drops the most precious pearl of wisdom in this below video. He asks us not to forget to love, no matter how successful we get. In his manifest charm he adds that love is driving force and the world revolves around it.

Life is a show and we need to enjoy it. Living is an art too and in different phases of life, we need to comply to different set of rules. For example, from 30 to 40 years old, you will have to work on self-improvement. You need to think very wisely and in an organized manner. It is still late not to chase your dreams. When you are 40-50 years old, you will need to focus more and emphasize on your positives. This is the time when you need to reach out to the young people because young people can do better than you. Ideas come to them like tides and you should learn to make use of those. To feed more life into those ideas, you will have to motivate them and invest in them.

If you are 35 and life reached a stalemate, you can still turn the table. Jack Ma says that you can still afford to make mistakes because every mistake is your revenue! that is quite a wisdom. In the vacillating corporal atmosphere, an entrepreneur should be adaptive, creative and extremely knowledgeable. Jack Ma endorses independent thinking because that’s most marketable now. “The future is not knowledge driven but experience driven” – you can only procure experience by growing out of your comfort zone and getting the brain cells to work more. He rightly puts that humans will look like machines and machines will look like humans in future followed by a paradigm shift in corporal functionality.

Internet is the most resourceful medium right now but it was not as revered days ago. Jack Ma says that most smart people go to the internet for information. In order to bring a difference, or look different for that matter, you will have to do field study. To him, life is like a box of chocolate full of surprises. A man that made it so big after facing rejections thinks that the movie Forrest Gump changed his way of thinking. One line that proves his genius is that one needs to work hard to inspire more people to come forward. Your success is not only yours, it has collateral benefits.

Jack Ma thinks that one can turn to Hollywood for inspiration in case if one’s running out of ideas. We too always thought so but his words augmented our thinking. Contrary to what other motivational videos show or tell us, Jack Ma says that we can’t do things alone as society is a major concern. Before a businessman lands a decision, he has to consider the benefits of the society and his shareholders. If you have entrepreneurial goals, you will need to remain focused and not lose balance. Trying something new is always a challenge which entails failures sometimes, embrace that.

This speech from Jack Ma did really put us in good spirits. We think every budding entrepreneur should watch it.


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