Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Prestige pressure cooker ad, Blah!

The couple is appointed as the latest brand ambassadors of famous brand Prestige.

The couple is appointed as the latest brand ambassadors of the famous brand Prestige. They have already released a series of ads in which they show how the couple’s life revolves around the brand’s classy kitchen collection. While we are quite accustomed to seeing cheesy ads, since this one came from Abhi-Ash, the expectations were a tad higher. The concept looks so phony and over the top. The idea is boring and out dated to the extent of puckering our lips in distaste. The Bachchans fail to pack a wallop with this one. The way Abhi mouths the company’s slogan – ‘Jo biwi se kare pyaar woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar’ sounds so fabulously fake. Do check out this ‘in the face’ creation and let us know your views.

When it comes to awful celebrity ads, Katrina Kaif is no less. Instead of raising, she has lowered the bar very skilfully. Kat is seen in a slew of ads lately and in all of them we wonder if the babe is allergic to giving good expressions on screen.

KK’s Titan Raga ad is so dull and unexciting; feels like someone has given us a terrific dose of tranquilizers. So Kat meets this hot firang guy in the train. Kat at her elegant best translates everything the dishy dude says in French, to Hindi. In the end, when its time to leave, instead of bidding a teary farewell, the stud says goodbye warmly and Kat in a sentimental tone says, “Aisa koi shabd hi nahi.” Sigh, mawkish to the core!


As if the whole Titan Raga torture wasn’t enough, Kaif was seen talking on the phone like a teenybopper in the line application commercial. From her teacher to her close buddies, she is seen talking her heart out with not a care in the world. Adding to the annoying concept is the mind numbing background score.

Do tell us if you can think of any other infuriating celeb ads…

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