Haryana Government, Robert Vadra And The Magic Of Narendra Modi

Haryana government has okayed the Robert Vadra- DLF land deal ahead of assembly elections.

It seems the Haryana government has foreseen its imminent defeat at the hands of BJP in the upcoming assembly elections.

It has been manifested by the prompt action it took in officially legitimizing the land deal between Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and DLF just before the elections.

The sensational report was published in the Indian Express which said that the Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Shekhar Vidyarthi has held the “mutation” of the land “valid”.

It should be noted that whistleblower and Haryana’s former director general (consolidation), Ashok Khemka, On October 15, 2012, had cancelled the mutation of the land, in village Shikhopur, Gurgaon, following a deal between M/s Skylight Hospitality owned by Vadra and real-estate giant DLF Universal Ltd.

The action had followed after an ACO had sanctioned the mutation in Vadra-DLF land deal which was questioned by Khemka.

In an order dated October 4, 2012, Khemka had held that ACOs did not have powers to sanction mutations and the deal was cancelled on this ground.

Following this, a dispute had arisen between Khemka’s orders and the state government’s “perception” on the powers of an ACO.

With the letter, Khemka’s report, which was claimed by Haryana government as “invalid”, has formally been rejected. Vidyarthi, who wrote a letter to the Haryana chief secretary and financial commissioner (revenue), with a copy to the present director general (consolidation), on July 16, according to IE, quoted a report prepared by the assistant consolidation officer (ACO) terming his superior officer Khemka’s orders as “illegal”, “void” and “out of jurisdiction”.

To consider an ACO’s words, who is far junior in rank to the director general (consolidation), as final is quite interesting. Oddly enough, IE reports, “On the July 16 letter, both the Chief Secretary and Financial Commissioner (Revenue) had not made any comments. The notings showed both as “busy”. Without their comments, the letter was marked to their offices and dealt by lower-rank officers and taken on record.”

The news comes just a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned in the state for the upcoming elections. There, he had directly asked the people of Haryana whether they would like to be government from jail by choosing Chautala or to be on a growth trajectory by choosing BJP.

The Prime Minister had also showed sympathy with the farmers of the area and said that it was time when they got their due.

Robert Vadra recently shut down his six companies because he had not filed their annual returns. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are facing troubles in the National Herald case. With this order the people and the opposition will definitely create further trouble for Congress.

It seems the time has come  for Vadra.

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