Rich Chinese Man Proposes to A Girl With His Lamborghini, Gets hilariously Rejected

Lamborghini chalayi jane o’ song is all over the place right now. The song has become an online sensation so did this video of the rich Chinese man proposing to a girl with his Lamborghini. As the Lamborghini song resonated with the millennial, this heartbroken Chinese man too did. There is a saying that money can’t buy you happiness and perhaps his love interest is aware of the fact. But we marvel at her emotional strength to turn down a man with such a deep pocket!

The video first surfaced in the South China Morning Post Facebook page and later spread like wildfire! But, if you ask us, the girl is a LOLZER because it would seem more practical if she accepted his proposal. If you ask again the about logical validation of our statement, here are the ways money is cardinal and the ways her life would change if she really married him, phew!

She could spend:

When you have money, you can leave people green-eyed. Besides, when you can spend more on your loved ones, you are the most happiest person.

She could promote self-growth:

When you have money, it reflects on your entire appearance. You can lay your hands on the choicest of designer brands and take care of your entire well-being by affording the pricier beauty treatments. In short, she could be a queen and she let the opportunity go as no big deal. Is she for real?

She could buy more time for herself:

We spend all our lives trying to amplify our earnings. Meanwhile, we lose a lot of time and end up exhausted. We don’t want to budge from the bed and pursue things that we have liked. All day we do things that don’t excite our spirit and face demoralising people a lot in the workplace. If she married him, she could save herself from the workplace toils and invest her time in something that helped make her a better person.

She could travel places:

Rich people have all the money in their bank accounts to travel to places and experience everything personally instead of just reading about them. We all have spring in our feet but sadly, don’t have money. Frankly, if she married that guy, she could travel to places and make memories to share with the generations to come.

Sad girl, tch tch!

Our heart really goes out to the guy who got turned down by the girl in the glare of public attention. Better luck next time, dude!

Watch the video below:

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