What A Woman Wants From A Man In A Relationship?

Woman wants from man

Woman wants from man – When you are in a relationship you will always like to grow with the person you are dating.

People in relationship at times do get confused of what will work and what not.

Every woman wants much simpler things along with some lovely surprises, assuring her of how much you love her and loyalty. Yet there are few things a Woman wants from man.

Woman wants from man –

1 – Chivalry

Every girl appreciates a sense of chivalry in men, offering a seat to a girl in restaurant, allowing her to enter a room, elevator et al. These small gestures by a guy go respectful in the eyes of a girl and this is the reason why this quality tops the list. When you respect a women, her respect for you increases naturally.

2 – Stability

Stability in a man’s life is always a plus point for them. This stability not only directs to financial stability but also physically and mentally. It is important for a guy, to be balanced enough to be in a relationship where he can do justice with the partner.

3 – Quality Time

A woman never wants a guy to be with her all the time but a cup of coffee after a long day where you discuss about the work and make her feel at ease. It’s all about making her feel good about herself. Just sitting together on a roof top silently may also do wonders.

4 – Independence

Every person has to be independent be it be in their thoughts or work front. Being independent is one of the reasons when you understand the other person better. It also helps you to understand other person’s perspective which plays an important part in a relationship.

5 – Wit

A woman always is smitten by a man’s wit. It works as an I.Q. level for them. And again, at the end of the day a woman will always fall for a person who makes her laugh. The wit of man marks his sensibility and the frankness he has, that makes a woman feel comfortable with him.

Woman wants from man – So, these are few of the things you can work upon while you are in a relationship other than loving her unconditionally and being honest and you are good to go!

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