This Video Truly Shows That Memories And Love Goes Beyond Borders!


True love goes beyond borders!

And with love even your memories knows no boundaries.

What if your lost memories could be brought back?

What happened in 1947 everyone knows, some not only left their belongings but also their memories they made all their life.

Memory good or bad always stays with us, but some memories that were made with love always brings smiles.

And as they say every memory has its own story.

This amazing OLX Daastaan is a unique initiative to reunite people with those lost memories. And kudos to OLX for such an amazing initiative.

Watch this video to find out how Mr. Ram Prakash Khullar was reunited with his father’s camera after all these years.

Mr. Khullar story will bring tears to your eyes and it truly depicts memories and love goes beyond man made borders!

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