Google Launches an Improved Version of Android Camera App

Google comes up with Google Camera with advanced features. Good times ahead for people who love to take random pictures.

Google has done it finally!

It has revamped its camera app for Android.

And it looks cool! 

To start with, this application is called the Google Camera; and it is packed with a new user interface along with revamped shooting modes. This app has the ability to focus the camera selectively. In this regards, the Google Camera features significant improvements from its predecessors. 

This app is available in the Google Play Store for download, as was the case with Keyboard and Launcher apps, the revamped camera can be used with any handheld device that runs on Android’s latest version, KitKat.

The first thing that you would notice in Google Camera is the UI, which has become more minimalist than all other previous versions of camera apps that Google had come up with in the past. Instead of the shutter button, Google has arranged for a shutter bar this time. You will love this improvement as it does not require you to fiddle around for the correct spot to tap.

Google has also introduced the Lens Blur. With this enhanced technology you can shoot with a shallower depth of field and focus solely on particular portions of an image. For the first time, Google has introduced such a feature in its camera app; and traditionally, a bigger lens and aperture were required to achieve this effect on handheld devices. But Google team cranked up a way out for this problem. The new app includes the lens blur effect and enhanced panorama and portrait sphere shooting modes to help to capture wider angles.

The panorama and portrait sphere modes can now be up to 50MP in size and is greater in pixel peepers. You can also conveniently adjust the panorama resolution between low, high and maximum modes. The panorama mode also allows you to cover 360 degrees; this is only available in non-Nexus devices. 

Inside the APK file of the Google Camera app you will find more features embedded. These include the burst mode, time lapse mode, wide angle mode, an advanced camera mode, video effects, etc.


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