Where Experience Counts More Than Degree: Automotive Industry

If you find automobiles intriguing or the way things work in an automobile fascinates you, then this is the thing for you.

If you find automobiles intriguing or the way things work in an automobile fascinates you, then this is the thing for you.

Until a decade ago, the number of automobile manufacturing companies in India could be counted on our fingers. Today, on the eve of launching of new model of a car, the automobile engineer is considered a hot property alongwith the model. Or maybe not.

An automobile is made up of number of components, wherein functioning of each is very important. The making of an automobile involves work of engineers who specialize in a variety of fields. For example, a design engineer is responsible for the design of the car, a production engineer has responsibilities at the industrial sites, a manufacturing engineer for the process and material involved in the making of the car.  

I wouldn’t say that an on-campus placement in the automobile sector is easy. The degree courses for Automobile engineering are very few, so most of the companies opt for Mechanical engineers instead. Multinational Companies like GM and Ford have R&D centres that employs Mechanical engineers and further sends them for training in either R&D or marketing. The best part of this job is that, you get to determine what the world will drive in the coming year, apart from being that field which involves a lot of moolah. (wink) However, this does not hold true for designing of cars.

If you undergo a course in design, your chance of getting into multi national companies is better. The courses in design do not specifically teach you about cars but the basics required for manufacturing of an automobile. Designing is one of those fields, where how far you go, is largely dependent on your talent. So if you are really good, you can make it as big as Ajay Panchal, one of the major designers at NISSAN. Of course, you can also step out on your own and who knows, become the next Panchal.

There are a lot of different ways you can get involved in an automative industry. Doesn’t really matter that you hold a degree in any of the unrelated streams. An experience and knowledge counts more than your degree when it comes to automotive sector.

Work experience helps you stand out from the crowd and time spent with an engineering organisation will boost your chances of a job. They say travel broadens the mind, it certainly increases your chances of getting a great job in this industry. Today’s automotive industry is global, which means that companies prize young engineers who have experience of working in different countries and cultures.

They say, choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work for the rest of your life- Holds true for those working in the Automobile Industry where an undying passion for cars is more important than any educational degree.

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