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A bit of history and about the website

Good day to all readers of this forum. I wanted to bet for the first time about ten years ago, and it didn’t work out for me. So I lost 50 rupees and immediately abandoned this thing. Everything has changed in my life when I learnt about the Betraja website and now I’d like to share my impression of this site. I still can’t believe that I’ve found a place where Indian analysts help ordinary people who don’t know about betting (like me) absolutely for free!

Betraja can be described as a big “a to z” glossary in the world of betting. You can find excellent articles that you wouldn’t find on any other site. The thing that pleased me the most is that they can even help you choose an app for any sport you’re interested in. I now have four football and cricket betting apps on my smartphone. Thanks to a site like Betraja, I can bet on any game at any time and even make money with their advice.

By the way, the site works well from a mobile device, and I read all the articles on the site directly from my phone while I was driving home from work (so as not to waste time at home). So I read almost all the articles on the site day after day. What’s also great is that they’re constantly adding new reviews, and there’s a unique news column with announcements (signals) on various bonuses in bookmaker companies. 

I don’t consider myself a betting professional yet, I’ve just earned 20 thousand rupees this month. However, I don’t want to stop there. So if you are a beginner like me, don’t waste your time and start learning how to bet and earn money on Betraja. 

Sport betting

As I said, there are unique articles on the website for almost all the existing sports which you can bet on. I drew a lot of conclusions and learned many new things from them. Can you believe that  I didn’t even know there existed chess bets! Thanks to the fact that I used to play this game with my grandfather as a child, I managed to earn money. But even if you’ve never played chess, you’ll find everything straightforward at Betraja. I also want to share two other sports that bring in a good income for me with you.

Cricket betting

Although I had never been interested in the game of cricket until recently and never knew its rules, thanks to Betraja, I got to grips with the sport in just a couple of hours. Too bad I didn’t have time to bet on IPL, such an exciting event, but that’s alright as cricket matches are played every day. In researching this sports article, I learned about other existing tournaments such as Big Bash League, T20 and many others. I learned a lot of tips and tricks from this article, and right now, I have already earned several thousand rupees in the current WBBL tournament! If you are a cricket fan, it will be easier for you to get into all the intricacies of cricket betting.

Football betting

You know for sure that football is probably the most popular sport and there are up to a hundred matches a day where you can bet. To improve my experience in betting on this sport, I have also researched material on the subject: which bookmaker has better odds on football and which ones have better live or pre-match bets.Thanks to this, my winnings in football betting have increased. 

I have also found a lot of tips to choose some good betting apps. All of this I’ve learned on Betraja. I am currently wagering my welcome bonus on several sites with single football bets, and I will be able to withdraw soon. What could be better?

Brief and to the point

Incredibly fantastic site, they have the best editor who replies to everyone and gets added as a social media friend!

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