Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

Unattractive in women

Unattractive in women – Everyone has preferences while choosing the love of their life so does the guys.

While you possibly doing everything to attract a guy, it may surprise you that there are few things that guys actually find unattractive in girls. Yes, you heard right there are things that a guy doesn’t want to see in his girl. It must be surprising for you to learn that some of your actions and behaviours can actually have the opposite effect.

Maybe you are doing something to impress a guy but you may not even realize that you are acting in a way that derives the love of your life away from you.

So, here goes a list of things that men find unattractive in women :

Unattractive in women –

  1. Too Much Make-Up

Undoubtedly makeup brings out the most of your face, but too much makeup take it all away and men just hate it. They want their ladies to look sober, so, you just don’t need to wear too much makeup all the time otherwise it will make you look weird in your original form.

  1. Over-Confidence

It’s good to be confident but overconfidence is the mother of all the wrong decisions. Guys really find overconfident girls unattractive.

Unattractive in women

  1. Not Putting The First Foot Out

Sometimes try to be the first person to initiate the conversation and try to keep it going. Guys really like it when you do so because it is a clear signal that you are enjoying their company. But when you sit silently, not putting the first foot out, it irritates them and they simply find it unattractive.

Unattractive in women

  1. Poor Hygiene

Guys often say “Are you, my dirty girl?”, but don’t take it seriously all the time. Because he wants you to be his dirty girl only in the bed. In reality a dirty girl is unattractive, so, remember that poor hygiene may cause them to run away from you.

Unattractive in women

  1. Criticizing Your Ex

They don’t want you to crib about your past all the time and to hear that how your ex-was? They want to enjoy the present with you.

Unattractive in women

  1. Clinginess

Hey! please give him some space. Yes, they find it attractive when you flatter, validate, appreciate and gratify them but not your clinginess. So give him some me time and let him breathe.

Unattractive in women

  1. Being Too Much Needy

It’s just not good being too much needy as it simply makes a bad and unattractive impression on your partner.

Unattractive in women

  1. Way Too Turned Up

They like you to see turned up but not all the time because this is not what they always want. So maintain your exclusivity if you really want to be desired.

Unattractive in women

  1. The One Who Always Make Excuses To Avoid Getting Physical

This is what guys hate the most. They don’t want you to be turned up all the time but making excuses just to avoid a lovemaking session is also very disappointing.

Unattractive in women

  1. Too “Girly”

Guys prefer an independent and bold girl. They find it unattractive when you carry too much girly things or behave in such a girlish manner all the time. Sometimes, he needs you to be his shoulder which he can lie upon in bad times, so, come out from that too much girly aura and show him that you are a strong woman.

Unattractive in women

These are the things unattractive in women – By now, you know what are the things that a guy find unattractive in you. So, if you want to be a desired girl make sure to avoid these unwanted things.

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